Where to Find the Best Facials In New York City

The Best Facials in NYC Under $80

Where to Find the Best Facials In New York City | Skincare.com

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Even before any visibly noticeable effects are seen, facials just feel luxurious. Unfortunately, this luxury often comes with quite the price tag, especially in New York. Read on for a roundup of five of the best facials in the city, each for $80 or less.

Mario Badescu (320 East 52nd Street, Manhattan)

Source: Mario Badescu

This brand’s Drying Lotion (only $17!) has been a cult favorite for some time now, and the Mario Badescu spa in Midtown East offers similar bang for your buck.

Book the European Facial ($65) and get ready for a deep-cleaning experience — including a detoxifying steam, extractions, and a basic face and neck massage.

Finally, a combination of the company’s signature masks will be applied to your face, in accordance with your skin type and specific concerns.

Heyday (five locations throughout Manhattan)

Source: heydayskincare

The millennial favorite beauty store offers a 30-Minute Facial ($65) that’s perfect for those with sensitive skin types that are easily irritated by extractions (this treatment skips those entirely).

With five locations throughout the city, you’re sure to find one that’s near you, and with all spas boasting weekday hours of 8am to 10pm, and weekend hours of 9am to 8pm, scheduling should be a breeze.

Although this particular treatment may only last 30 minutes, all Heyday facials include a skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hydration, and some SPF protection. As if that didn’t sound amazing enough, all products and techniques used are also customized to your skin.

Skin Spa New York (seven locations throughout Manhattan)

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Personalization is the key word when it comes to the SKIN SPA Custom Facial ($60) which is offered in two different variations — both of which include a cleanse, tone, and steam extractions.

The Gua Sha customization is best for those with normal to combination skin types, and incorporates the ancient Chinese method of Gua Sha massage, which is said to promote better circulation and remove toxin build-up.

The Gua Sha customization of this particular facial is advertised as having anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.

For those with oily to combination skin types, the Hi-Frequency customization option features deeper extractions coupled with hi-frequency technology to keep bacteria and environmental toxins at bay.

The convenience factor is also a huge plus at Skin Spa New York, as the brand has seven different locations all over the city.

Shen Beauty (315 Court Street, Brooklyn)

Source: shenbeauty

Located on one of the main streets in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, Shen Beauty emphasizes high-quality, natural beauty products. The Milia Removal ($65) lasts only 30 minutes and is advertised as having no downtime, so it’s perfect if you have a big event coming up.

Plenty of skin nourishment is packed into the 30 minute time slot of this treatment — including cleansing, extractions, and a mask. Please note when booking that a brief consultation beforehand is recommended to determine if this treatment will work for your skin’s needs.

Silver Mirror Facial Bar (862 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan)

The team at this Upper East Side spa specializes solely in facials and peels, and their expertise shows. Formulated for all skin types, the Signature Facial ($80) features a deep cleanse, manual or enzymatic exfoliation, extractions, a revitalizing treatment, and oxygen therapy filled with vitamins. Congratulations, your skin just won the lottery!

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The Best Places in NYC to Get a Quick Facial for a Brighter, Rejuvenated Face

Where to Find the Best Facials In New York City | Skincare.com

By Robyn Mowatt Aug 26, 2019

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Facials are a common occurrence for many skincare lovers. Whether you’re on the hunt for solving hyper-pigmentation, acne or would your skin rejuvenated, there are options out there for every skin problem. Those who live or commute to and from New York City know that the city’s air is filled with toxins.

For non-natives, the airborne elements become quite obvious if your skin begins acting abnormally. We hit the ground running, to find the best options in NYC for facials, non-facial treatments and even tried one out for ourselves. We even combed through Yelp reviews to make sure these options were proven top tier by past customers.

If you’re cautious when it comes to shelling out over $100 USD on a beauty service, our roundup includes Heyday, a NYC-gem which actually starts pricing at $65 USD.

Additionally, if you’re thinking that facials will leave you with two or three hours of your day wasted, think again.

One of our picks, Skin Laundry has a 15-minute Laser & Light Facial which is a hot commodity for its client base who are constantly on the move.

Keep reading below for our top NYC-based facial recommendations alongside pricing details.



Created by co-founders Rachel Liverman (CEO) and Neha Govindraj (COO, president),  GLOWBAR is your answer to jam-packed months where you feel you have no time for self-care.

Created as a response to costly, time-consuming facials, their newly launched 30-minute treatments are customized to assist customers go at their own pace “to build up optimal skin health.

” Located in Tribeca, GLOWBAR offers an esthetically designed algorithm which determines the best combination of treatments for each customer before their facial.

This means that each appointment is unique to your skin, using a combination of LED, microcurrent, chemical peels, high frequency, dermaplaning and more. Glossy reports that if you sign up for the monthly membership, you’ll get 10 percent off retail products, a guest pass to bring a friend with you once a year and additional perks.

Pricing: 30-minute Facial ($65 USD), Monthly Membership ($55 USD)

GLOWBAR147 Duane Street

New York, New York



Heyday which features a trendy, semi-private layfers 30-minute, 50-minute and 75-minute facials. If you’re not a fan of extractions, the 30-minute option doesn’t include them. With five different NYC locations, each salon also features a plethora of skin care products worth trying out.

What is great about this salon is that upon your first visit, your aesthetician takes a close look at your skin prior to the start of your facial. My facial was packed with different deep cleansers for brightening and rejuvenating. After my 60-minute experience, I felt refreshed, and honestly, my skin hasn’t felt this fresh in years.

Additional add-ons priced at $35 USD each include microdermabrasion, professional peels, and light therapy.

Pricing: 30-minute Facial ($65 USD), 50-minute Facial ($95 USD) and 75-minute Facial ($140 USD)

Heyday Tribeca1130 Broadway

New York, NY 10010

Rescue Spa

Rescue Spa

Rescue Spa’s 19th Street location is a full-service day spa known for its relaxing ambiance. After combing through reviews, it became evident that many guests came to Rescue Spa because of problem skin.

Whether you’re battling oily skin or simply just need a pick-me-up due to the city’s pollution, the lineup of Signature Facials start at just $150 USD. Prior to your service, the aestheticians will diagnose your skin which includes an analysis of your lifestyle.

Optional add-ons include a Power Peel, IPL Spot Treatment and more.

Pricing: Classic 60-minute Facial ($150 USD), Bio-Lift™ 60-minute Facial ($200 USD), Microderm 60-minute Facial ($200 USD), Fix-It-All 90-minute Facial ($300 USD)

Rescue Spa29 East 19th St.

New York, NY 10003

Skin Laundry

Skin Laundry

One of our editors previously wrote about her visit to this salon. Skin Laundry is ideal for you if you’ve been reading up on the benefits of laser facials. Founder Yen Reis, created Skin Laundry after developing skin issues.

While living abroad in Asia, she found laser facial services which readily improved the look of her skin. When Reis she moved to Los Angeles, she found a gap in the usage of laser therapy in the skincare market. Skin Therapy came into fruition due to the lack of options she experienced.

One of their options – the Single Facial prices out at $65 USD.

Pricing: Single Facial ($65 USD), 3 Bundle ($180 USD), 5 Bundle ($275 USD), 10 Bundle ($500 USD)

Skin Laundry Tribeca112 W Broadway

New York, NY 10013



For a non-facial option which is proven to amp up the appearance of your face, FaceGym should be at the top of your list. This alternative to facials offers special “muscle manipulation” techniques to tone, tighten, and sculpt your face.

The studio also includes a special range of custom moves which can be utilized over the entire face and neck. In an official press release, FaceGym notes that its service titled Signature, runs for 30 minutes and prices out at $70 USD.

Additionally, if you are into vitamin shots or electrical treatments, this location offers a wide variety of both.

Pricing: Signature ($70 USD), Signature Electrical ($95 USD)

Saks611 5th Ave

New York, NY

Source: https://hypebae.com/2019/8/best-facial-new-york-city-heyday-rescue-spa-skin-laundry-facegym

These are the Best Facials in NYC, According to Beauty Editors

Where to Find the Best Facials In New York City | Skincare.com

We stand firmly that beauty has to do with far more than the state of your skin—it's confidence, energy, and it's entirely personal. But, sometimes a little external pampering feels good too.

 Especially when your skin is in the hands of the right people. Which brings us to facials: a beauty treatment that can help nix breakouts, lift, sculpt, plump, smooth, and tone your skin in minutes.

That being said, there is a ton of variety when it comes to technique, products, and skill level. And when you're talking about NYC, where there's a little salon, beauty bar, spa, or medical office on every corner, you may need some discerning advice.

After all, your skin can’t handle every peel, laser, or microdermabrasion treatment because adverse reactions and irritation are no joke. 

That’s why we reached out to our trusted resources and asked beauty editors to spill the details on the best facials they've ever had in NYC.

 These women experiment with products and treatments on a daily, so you can imagine that when something sticks out, it's worth investigating.

 Ahead, read everything you need to know about the facials in New York that have reached top status, according to beauty editors.

What it is: Joanna Vargas Supernova Facial

“Joanna Vargas is known for her micro-current facials, a technique used to define your jawline, better pronounce your cheekbones, and refresh your eyes. But that’s only one component of the her Supernova facial—perhaps the best facial of my entire career.

After cleansing, the aesthetician resurfaces your skin with a nutrient-rich liquid exfoliation, leaving it baby-smooth and super supple. Next, comes the microcurrent to de-puff and a medical-grade collagen mask activated with a peptide solution. It was cold, deeply hydrating, and plumping in all the best most sensorial ways.

On top, the esthetician applied a molding to help keep the collagen activated. After about 20 minutes, she removed the molding mask and applied the Rescue Serum ($150) and used electroporation (a pulse of electricity to briefly open the pores in your cell membranes) to help the product penetrate your skin.

Finally, it ends with cryotherapy, which increases the circulation in your skin, as well as help tighten pores, soothe inflammation, and fill in wrinkles. And much giving your face an ice bath in the morning, it tightens the skin and encourages lymphatic drainage. It was very cold. , very, very cold. But felt good and invigorating at the same time.

The results are the most glowing skin I’ve ever seen in real life. And it felt pampering and exquisite the entire time. (As an FYI, honorary mentions include the Biologique Recherche facial at Rescue Spa and Ildi Pekar’s cupping facial).”

What it is: Dr. David Colbert NYDG Triad Facial

“My favorite facial in NYC is NYDG’s Triad Facial, pioneered my celebrity dermatologist, Dr. David Colbert. It combines microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, and a chemical peel.

I am much more in favor of 'big guns' over a traditional European facial; I abhor steam and extractions—give me the hardcore stuff that really improves skin and its underlying structure in the big picture.

—Gwen Flamberg, Executive Editor, Beauty & Style at US Weekly

What it is: Heyday facial by Dorota Lisowski

“When my skin needs special attention, I go see Dorota Lisowski. She used to work a doctor’s office in the West Village, but now she’s based at Heyday on the Upper East Side. I the fact that she really gives my skin her undivided attention while she's working on it.

No pore will stay clogged under her watch, even if I'm there for another type of treatment! Thank goodness her extractions are relatively painless. I also love that she often follows up with an email to check to see how my skin is behaving afterward.

Though she's quite affordable, that kind of TLC is priceless.”

What it is: Joanna Vargas Triple Crown Facial

“If it's your last day on Earth, go to Joanna Vargas for a facial. She offers high-tech, effective facials that actually make you walk away with glowing, lifted skin. I’m talking micro-current machines, LED light beds, facial cryotherapy, and collagen masks.

I went to her a few days before my wedding in 2017, because I trusted her to send me down the aisle with a luminous complexion. It’s a luxe experience, which is why so many celebrities have Vargas on speed-dial to prep their skin for major red-carpet events.

And if you can’t afford Vargas herself, try anyone from her team. It’s a phenomenally talented group.”

What it is: Great Jones Spa Facial Signature Facial

“Screw mascara—to me, a really, really good facial is better than sex, and I’ve had my fair share of treatments to show for it.

Most spas for me are a one-and-done deal, but the one place I keep coming back to for more is Great Jones Spa. I’ve gotten nearly every facial on the menu, and each one is just as refreshing (and affordable) as the next.

Plus, you can’t beat its amenities. Where else in NYC can you get an intimate pool party with friends?”

What it is: Christine Chin CChin Facial

“No one can reset my skin Christine Chin. Last September, Zoë Kravitz told me she goes to Chin for facials when she’s in New York, so I added the esthetician’s famed Lower East Side location to my beauty bucket list. Have you seen Zoë’s skin? Dewy, plump, lit-from-within—I wanted it.

So, I first visited after the holiday season, when eating and drinking without limits and travel wrecked my skin. I was greeted by a hashtag in the treatment room: #MeanChristine. She coined it herself, and it’s pretty accurate.

You get deep extractions and intense microdermabrasion across your face, neck, and décolletage all while Christine comments out loud about every skin issue she’s encountering, and how to fix it. It’s not relaxing, per se, but I’ve never seen my skin clearer nor smoother than the days following my treatment.

It’s as if she buffed me fresh, you would a nail during a manicure, and results lasted for at least two weeks after.”

What it is: Georgia Louise Glo Bespoke Facial

“I love Georgia Louise Atelier in the Upper East Side. First of all, the spot itself is so tranquil and cozy—it feels more you’re in a Parisian flat than in the middle of New York City.

Georgia is the facialist to some people you may have heard of Jennifer Lawrence and Cate Blanchett, so you know that you’re getting the best of the best. She uses Biologique Recherche and Elemis products (two of my favorites), and always has the latest and greatest in devices, whether it’s micro-current or LED therapy.

She’s also just an all-around lovely person, and you’ll leave refreshed, renewed and with much tighter, brighter skin. What more could you ask for in a facial?”

Source: https://www.byrdie.com/best-facials-in-nyc-4799799