When Should I Start Laser Hair Removal?

Should Teens Get Laser Hair Removal?

When Should I Start Laser Hair Removal? | Skincare.com

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This week, the Cut explores women’s complicated relationship to beauty standards and the effort required to meet them.

When I announced my fifth-grade desire to start shaving my legs, my mother’s protective wisdom was that I put it off as long as possible. Once you start, she explained, you can never stop. Stubble — which is more unpleasant than blonde tween fur — will come and keep coming until you die. I stole my dad’s Bic and jumped on the hamster wheel.

But the advent of laser hair removal has inverted the teen hair-removal equation. The sooner have your follicles obliterated by a beam of concentrated light, the more hours of your life you might reclaim for pursuits more stimulating than shaving and waxing.

And as laser hair removal gets cheaper and more convenient (especially in New York, where you don’t need to be a doctor to do it), the rites and humiliation of puberty remain pretty much the same.

Once a pricy last resort for teen girls bullied for their mustaches, laser hair removal is now a plausible first choice for young women finding hair in new places. But is it actually a good idea?

Children’s fashion designer Bonnie Young suspects that some of her tween models have already been lasered and for that, she’s grateful. “Nobody wants to see a photograph with hair all over their legs,” she told the Cut.

But when her own 13-year-old daughter came home recently asking for laser hair removal for herself — and reporting (as 13-year-olds do) that everyone at her downtown Manhattan school is getting it — Young had mixed feelings, specifically about the safety.

Used improperly, the lasers can cause disfiguring burns. But in the hands of a physician (for whom, alas, there is no Lifebooker deal), it’s safe at all ages. Dermatologist and clinical researcher Dr.

Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas told the Cut that her own 15-year-old daughter hasn’t shown any interest, but “the moment she says the word, she can be zapped!” In Dr.

Alexiades-Armenakas’s experience, laser hair removal is well-tolerated in older teenagers; in other words, they won’t back out once the — admittedly uncomfortable — procedure has begun.

Treating someone in the 12, 13, 14 age range requires making sure the child isn’t being coerced by her parents and is “mature enough to understand that this is a means to an end.” But Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas says that when parents bring in children as young as 10 or 11, she advises them to wait.

My friend, whom I’ll call Sally, was that child. When she was 11, her mother took her to get her eyebrows lasered — it was one of the many beauty treatments she purchased for herself in bulk and shared with Sally and her little sister.

It didn’t make her any more or less self-conscious, Sally told me, to learn at such a young age that her eyebrows were “wrong” and correct them with laser hair removal. It did, however, bore her. “I was , ’Why do I have to go sit in that chair after school?’ But it wasn’t traumatizing.

” (What was traumatizing, she said, was the chemical peel that turned her face purple: “It was right before this important, for me, Jewish youth retreat where this guy was going to be that I was flirting with.

”) Of course, Sally got lucky in that her mom preferred then-unfashionable Brooke Shields–brows to the thin arches of the ‘00s, and so Sally held onto her thick eyebrows through their fashion renaissance.

This is the true risk of laser hair removal: It’s permanent. Our feelings about body hair, less so. In fact, a woman’s beauty regimen is rarely more masochistic than immediately post-puberty. No one would allow a teen to make her raccoon eyeliner and flat-ironed hair permanent. Is body hair so different? Second only to passé brows, in terms of regret risk, is a passé bush.

Because laser hair removal works best where the hair is darkest and the skin is lightest, Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas said, pubic-hair removal is very permanent. She’s had to talk women the landing strips. Cameron Diaz, of all people, is on a similar mission.

She advised women against lasering their pubes in The Body Book. “The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon,” she wrote, “and all fads change, people.

” And by some measures, hairless vaginas are already on the way out.

I too have dialed back grooming from the extreme waxes I got in high school, back when I would drive myself to a downtown salon where nobody’s mom went. I’m so grateful lasering wasn’t an option. I didn’t see the “full-bush Brazilian” on the horizon, and I definitely could not have imagined the extent to which I would stop caring.

Is it so crazy to hope the same might one day be true for leg and armpit hair? That the “normcore of pubes” heralds the resurgence of all female body hair? That one day women with smooth legs will look as oppressed as women with corset-waists? Laser hair removal, a permanent beauty treatment, asks women to weigh the lihood of a total overthrow of a beauty norm against the cost of adhering to it, even minimally, over the course of a lifetime.

For now, Young and her daughter settled on leg-waxing as a compromise, but she’s not losing any sleep over the permanence of laser hair removal, to which she will relent once her daughter is old enough to follow the rules about sun exposure pre-procedure.

“I don’t mind that leg-hair removal is permanent,” she said. “I think that’s a good idea.” Although the overhead for laser hair removal is steep, for now it seems unfortunately ly to pay off in time saved and money not spent on waxes and razors.

If I were a teen today, I would get that shit lasered off before my parents cut me off.

Should Teens Get Laser Hair Removal?

Source: https://www.thecut.com/2014/11/should-teens-get-laser-hair-removal.html

Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

When Should I Start Laser Hair Removal? | Skincare.com

If you’re tired of worrying about unwanted hair, you may want to finally give laser hair removal some serious consideration. Chances are you’ve already thought about just how nice it would be to undergo a few quick laser treatments and never have to worry about shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair again.

Here at Holladay Dermatology Clinic in Holladay, Utah, we’ve helped lots of people in the Salt Lake City area get rid of undesirable facial or body hair for good, and we can help you, too.

Although you can schedule a laser hair removal appointment any time, it’s best to go through the process sometime between October and April — otherwise known as laser hair removal season. Just as the summer months are the best time to go bare, the winter months are the best time to undergo laser hair removal.

Your sun exposure is limited in the winter

In the winter months, you’re far less ly to inadvertently spend too much time in the sun and get tan. Why does this matter? Because laser hair removal can’t be performed on sunburned or tanned skin. It isn’t even recommended for skin that’s only sun-kissed, or slightly tan.

When laser hair removal is done on skin that’s darker than its normal, natural shade, it increases the risk of inaccurate laser settings, which can wind up damaging your skin.

wise, prolonged sun exposure should also be avoided following laser hair removal, as the laser makes the treatment area more sensitive and susceptible to UV damage.  

For these reasons, it’s a good idea to protect your skin from sun exposure in the weeks leading up to your first treatment, and maintain consistent sun protection measures throughout your entire treatment cycle. For most people, this task is far easier to accomplish in the winter months.

Preparation for laser hair removal is easier in the winter

Laser hair removal targets active-growth hair follicles, but it can only target those follicles if there’s some amount of hair in the follicle itself. This means that the treatment doesn’t work on areas that have been waxed, plucked, or cleared with depilatory cream, as these removal methods pull hair out at the root, leaving nothing behind for the laser to focus on.

The best way to prepare for laser hair removal is by shaving the treatment area one or two days before your appointment. Your remaining growth should be close enough to the surface of your skin that virtually all of the laser’s energy is directed down the short stubble and into the follicle.  

During warm summer months when you’re used to maintaining a stricter hair removal practice, it can be more challenging to avoid waxing and other treatments that give you the smooth, hair-free skin you want. Going through the process in the winter months means you can keep those stubbly areas covered up, and you’ll be less tempted to just rip that unwanted hair out at the root.  

It can take a few months to complete laser hair removal

The late fall or early winter is an ideal time to begin the laser hair removal process, which typically takes a few months to complete. By the time you finish your last session, you’ll be hair-free and swimsuit-ready just as the warm weather rolls in.

Laser hair removal takes a few months to complete because of the fact that your hair grows in cycles. Of the three phases of growth your hair goes through — anagen, catagen, and telogen — anagen is the only active-growth phase.

Remember, the laser only targets active-growth hair follicles. So hair follicles that are in the catagen or telogen phase during your first session won’t be affected by the treatment at all.

To make sure the treatment gets rid of most of the hair in a specific area, you’ll need to have multiple laser hair removal sessions over the course of time. Most patients see complete, permanent results after a series of three to six laser hair removal treatments, with each session spaced four to six weeks apart.

If you’re ready to get started, now’s the time. Come see us at Holladay Dermatology Clinic. Call our office today, or make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool.

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Source: https://www.holladaydermatology.com/blog/why-winter-is-the-best-time-for-laser-hair-removal

Laser hair removal – 12 facts you need to know before getting it

When Should I Start Laser Hair Removal? | Skincare.com

katleho SeisaGetty Images

If you're considering laser hair removal, it pays to study up.

I know it's easy to be lured in by the promise of a stubble-free life, but it's oh-so important to read up on the facts (and side effects) first, to make sure the treatment is right for you.

There are so many different options when it comes to hair removal, from waxing to threading and shaving to tweezing, but laser hair removal is one of the few options that offers a more permanent approach to getting rid of body hair (if you wish too).

I went under the laser (in the name in research, obvs) and here's what I learnt…

1. The process sounds painful, but isn’t too bad

Dr. Daron Seukeran, Group Medical Director at the sk:n clinic explains that laser hair removal works by sending the light of a laser through the pigment in the hair. “This (light) converts to heat, which damages the hair follicle and hair bulb.

” I found it to be a quick, sharp pain which I found more painful on thinner skin near my nose, chin and temples. Thankfully the lasers used on me had a cooling mechanism (basically a constantly running cold blast of air right where the laser was pointing) which really helped.

I also found it more painful if my body temp was raised due to running across town to make it on time for my appointment. Heat + heat = ouchies. More on this later.

2. Patience pays off

It takes two or three weeks after your first treatment to see a difference, and 8 -12 treatments to get the full result.

I started seeing real results after 2 treatments or 8 weeks. You also have to be really regular with your appointments because your hair follicles are all at different stages of their growth, so you want to make sure each one has a chance to get zapped.

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The laser can react with hair on the skin’s surface which will cause some irritation and maybe dreaded burnt hair smell which I learned first hand, yay. Thankfully for me, I knew that whole ‘shaving = thicker darker hair’ was a really common beauty myth.

4. It’s actually a pretty fast process

I go in for a full face appointments and they only take 20 minutes, including a quick chat and makeup removal at the start. Sure, I had to reapply my makeup but at least I could go out afterward. Priorities.

5. You can’t go to the gym afterward

The heat from the laser stays in your skin for 24 hours so no gym, saunas, hot showers, you get it. If you do, you run the risk of creating a lovely warm environment for bacteria to multiply and give you spots.


6. Get ready to think seriously about the sun

Your dermatologist will advise what is best for you, but you might need to avoid sunbathing and sun exposure as much as possible before and after treatment.

Also if you have a tan you’ll need to wait till it fades before you can start your treatment.

Again, your dermatologist will check in with you about upcoming holidays to make sure you don’t have a holiday coming up which might affect the timing of your next appointment. Stay safe peeps.


7. Laser treatment can trigger more growth in some cases

It’s true, particular types of hair can be stimulated into growing longer and thicker. But don’t worry, if hair isn’t suitable, your dermatologist will let you know.

8. You might need to switch up your beauty regime and products

Scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams should be avoided 2 days before and after treatment. I also started using face mists and added extra moisturisers to my regime as I got a bit more dry. It’s recommended that for a 2 week period before and after laser, you avoid chemical peels and similarly you should wait 1-2 weeks before using fake tan.

9. Laser hair removal has more than one benefit

I surprised to learn laser can actually help with irritating AF ingrown hairs.“Aside from clearer, smoother skin and permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal also boasts benefits including helping to reduce ingrowing hairs and less irritation of the skin. This is because the treatment encourages hair to grow straight,” said sk:n’s Head of Medical Standards, Lisa Mason.

10. You can’t pluck, dye or wax the hair

Plucking, waxing and bleaching impedes the process. If you want to be hairless throughout the process, go the shaving route instead. You’ll need these tips to make each shave last longer though.

11. It works on all skin tones

The hair just needs to be dark enough to drawn the laser. sk:n use long pulsed NDYAG lasers – which are safer for treating pigmented or darker skin tones.

12. You might need to go back for top up treatments

Most people report 90 percent permanent reduction in hair growth but fluctuating hormones can make hair grow back.

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Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/beauty-hair/a14414109/laser-hair-removal-facts/

When Should You Start Laser Hair Removal? – Indianapolis Monthly

When Should I Start Laser Hair Removal? | Skincare.com

Sponsored by Milan Laser Hair Removal.

During the bitter cold of winter in Indianapolis, most of us find ourselves daydreaming of warm spring and summer days spent in shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits. It’s only natural this time of year.

However, few—if any—of us include the hassles we go through to stay summer-ready in those daydreams.

No one wants to think about the constant shaving or painful waxing appointments we endure to enjoy days spent outside in the warm sunshine.

The good news is that with laser hair removal you can have the smooth, hair-free skin you dream about all year long—no razors or hot waxes required! What’s even better is that not only is winter the best time of year to start laser hair removal, but now Indianapolis has more laser hair removal options than ever. 

According to the laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal’s new Indianapolis locations, there are three main reasons for not waiting until spring to start your laser hair removal treatments:

Treatment Timing

When done properly the results of each laser hair removal treatment are permanent, but you will need multiple treatments to get the hair-free skin that you want.

Your hair grows in cycles and in order to get the best results possible from each laser hair removal treatment, you’ll want to go someplace that does your treatments 5 weeks apart as Milan does.

That will help ensure that you’re treating as many active hair follicles as possible which plays a key part in getting you the best results as fast as possible.

Since your treatments need to be spaced out, starting your laser hair removal journey in the fall or winter will allow you enough time to get in several treatments before the weather warms up. 

Safe Treatments

Advances in technology have made laser hair removal safe for all skin tones. For example, a laser the GentleMax Pro—which is what Milan uses—will provide you with the safest laser hair removal treatments.

That’s because it utilizes two laser technologies—one that’s geared toward fair skin and one that’s geared toward darker skin—which allows Milan to create customized treatment plans to fit the exact needs of each client’s skin tone and hair type.

That being said, your skin does need to be your natural skin tone in order to be safely treated. This means that you can not have a suntan during your laser hair removal treatments. As anyone in the Midwest knows, it’s a lot easier to avoid being tan in the winter.

Milan uses the safest laser technologies available for all skin tones.

Missed Opportunity

Some things get better with time, but your chances of getting permanently smooth, hair-free skin isn’t one of them. If your unwanted hair turns gray or white before you begin your laser hair removal treatments, you’ll have missed your opportunity to ditch your shaving and waxing routine!

That’s because the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle in order to permanently destroy it. If there isn’t enough pigment in the hair, the laser has nothing to target and you wouldn’t be a good candidate for laser hair removal anymore.

The bottom line: When it comes to laser hair removal, sooner is better than later—unless you’re happy being stuck shaving, tweezing, or waxing forever.

Not Just When, But Where 

While deciding when to start your laser hair removal treatments is important, choosing who performs your laser hair removal is just as important. Especially when it comes to two of the things everyone cares about—cost & results.

When you compare the bottomless pit expenses of shaving and waxing to the cost of laser hair removal, you’ll actually end up saving money—not to mention time—with the permanent results that you can get with laser hair removal.

However, that doesn’t mean that all laser hair removal places in Indianapolis are created equal when it comes to affordability and results. Some places offer payment plans to help make it more cost effective.

For instance, you can often find laser hair removal specials in Indianapolis as well as no-interest laser hair removal payment plans as low as $29 a month. 

Now, the great thing about laser hair removal is that when done properly the results of each treatment are permanent. However, new hair follicles can become active for a variety of reasons such as pregnancy, menopause, age, or genetics, and new hair can grow.

Most places that offer laser hair removal services sell packages of 6 or 9 sessions, and you’ll want to keep in mind that at these places you’ll probably need to buy more packages or pay touch-up fees down the road.

Your best option is to find a place that offers unlimited laser hair removal sessions for life at no additional cost Milan does.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of factors to consider as you look into laser hair removal, we hope that it helped shed some light on when to begin your hair free journey and what to look for in a laser hair removal company. 

If you have more laser hair removal questions, feel free to give Milan a call at 833-No-Razor or go in for a free consultation. You can visit with a local expert at any of Milan’s Indianapolis laser hair removal locations which are conveniently located in Plaza North in Plainfield, in Greenwood Springs Shopping Center in Greenwood, and The Shops at River Crossing in Indianapolis.

Learn more about laser hair removal in Indianapolis here.

Source: https://www.indianapolismonthly.com/promotions/milan-laser-hair-removal

Winter is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal

When Should I Start Laser Hair Removal? | Skincare.com

The fight against unwanted body hair can feel a constant struggle. In many cases, it seems to grow back minutes after plucking, shaving, or waxing.

If you’re tired of fighting this losing battle, turn to a permanent solution — laser hair removal.

And, if you start now, our team at Rochester Laser and Wellness Center will have you ready to bare silky smooth skin by the time swimsuit season returns.

Fighting your hair growth at the source

There’s a reason why laser hair removal works. Instead of simply removing unwanted hair, it destroys the follicles to prevent new hair from growing.

A hair follicle has a life cycle that includes three parts:

  • Growth (anagen)

  • Regression (catagen)

  • Rest (telogen)

During the growth cycle, a hair follicle produces an entire shaft of hair. When it enters the regression and rest cycles, the hair growth resets, and the follicle waits for the signal to grow a new shaft of hair. Laser hair removal disables hair growth during the anagen cycle.

At Rochester Laser and Wellness Center, we use the state-of-the-art Cynosure® Elite+™ aesthetic system to safely deliver concentrated beams of energy that damage your hair follicles  without injuring the surrounding tissue. This technology safely removes unwanted body hair from large surfaces, your legs, back, and thighs, as well as delicate areas, your bikini area, underarms, and face.

Multiple sessions provide reliable results

Each of your hair follicles are in different stages of their life cycle. Since laser hair removal only disables follicles in the growth stage, it’s essential to have multiple treatments in order to target all of your unwanted hair. Depending on your skin coloring, hair thickness, and hair density, we might recommend between six and eight sessions to guarantee optimal results.

When you’re receiving laser hair removal treatments, your skin also needs to rest and recover between your appointments. For delicate areas your face, we may recommend waiting six to eight weeks between your hair removal sessions. Larger surfaces, your back or legs, can sometimes require 10-12 weeks of rest.

Starting your laser hair removal treatments early is the best way to achieve the results you’re hoping for by spring.

It’s easy to get started

We offer free consultations for medical spa services and can often begin treatments the same day. When it comes to laser hair removal, though, it’s essential that you stop waxing, plucking, or using other techniques that disturb your hair follicles for at least four weeks before your first appointment. But you should shave or trim the area prior to your laser hair removal sessions.

Before we start your treatment, we apply a topical numbing cream to the area to increase your comfort. Cynosure Elite+ sessions are typically easily tolerated and often feel a rubber band snapping against your skin. Depending on your treatment area, your appointment can last a matter of minutes to approximately half an hour.

After laser hair removal treatment, you may have mild swelling or redness, but these symptoms typically fade within a day or two. There’s also no downtime required, and you can resume regular activities immediately.

During your consultation, we work closely with you to outline a detailed strategy so you know how many laser hair removal treatments you need to be ready for summer.

To start your laser hair removal this winter so you’re beach ready, call Rochester Laser and Wellness Center or schedule a consultation online today.

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