How to Shave the Right Way, A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Shave Your Legs Properly to Prevent Getting Razor Burn | Cremo

How to Shave the Right Way, A Step-by-Step Guide |

Whether you’re a track cyclist, competitive athlete or just your legs smooth, shaving your lower limbs is an awkward skill that can be troublesome, and in some cases actually dangerous.

This is why it's so important to know how to shave legs properly; Otherwise, you're ly to suffer from things razor rash, burn, irritation, or bumps when caring for your 'pins', which is never a pleasant experience.

If you've ever suffered from razor rash, burn, irritation or bumps when caring for your legs, you're not alone. Luckily, there are ways in which to alleviate the struggles of shaving your legs, for a nick-free, smooth and effortlessly close shave.

Cremo Shave Cream offers an impossibly slick formula which fights razor burn, nicks, razor irritation and burn. It’s perfect for giving you one of the closest, most comfortable shaves you’ve ever experienced, leaving your skin astonishingly soft and smooth.

The importance of having a routine

There are a lot of difficult questions that surround shaving, “How often should you shave your legs?”, “How to properly shave your legs?”, etc, and they're difficult because the answer can vary depending on the person.

Therefore, having a set routine that works for you is extremely important in achieving the best possible shave.

Building a routine helps you prepare for your shave, the shave itself, and the after care.

If you start building out these 3 pillars, you’ll start experiencing shaving bliss.

Shaving your legs: A step by step guide

Cremo recommends the following steps to achieving that great leg shave. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, so experimenting and finding what works for you, your stubble and your skin is the best way to get silky smooth legs with no irritations.

Shower before shaving

Showering before shaving for at least 5 minutes softens the hair and opens up the follicles. Get your normal wash routine the way but don’t spend too long in the hot water before shaving, as your skin over time can start to wrinkle.


Exfoliating before your shave removes dead skin cells that might clog up your razor. Try using a loofah as part of your shower routine to aid in this process.

Hair mapping

The first pass of the razor with any shave should be with the grain. Take a minute to map the direction your hair grows, paying particular attention to troublesome areas your knees and ankles.

Lathering up

Using any Cremo Shave Cream, apply the highly concentrated cream onto wet skin until a light lather forms. Add water as necessary to keep slippery and effective.

The razor

Check the blade on your razor to make sure it’s still sharp. Poor shaves often stem from using a blade too many times and losing its sharpness. Finding the right razor for you is as important as the shave cream you use, so experiment to find the perfect fit. But remember, Cremo is formulated to provide astonishing results with virtually any blade.

The shave

For most people, the best way to shave legs is to use short and gentle strokes, while shaving with the grain and paying particular attention to problem areas knees and ankles.

Once the first pass of the shave is complete, you can re-lather and shave across the grain or against the grain. However, be careful on multiple passes. While you may get a closer shave, this can cause more irritation.

Experiment and find out what’s best for you.

After care

Every pass of the razor removes a layer of skin. Although this acts as an exfoliant, it can also damage the skin and could cause dryness. Put moisture back into the legs by using a Post-Shave Balm. This will not only add moisture but nourish your skin.

Experience the best shave with Cremo

Cremo offers astonishingly superior shaving products to aid you in your successful shave. Both Mango Coconut Shave Cream and Original Shave Cream offer impossibly slick formulas which help deliver an effortlessly close shave.


Shaving With Acne – The Definitive Step by Step Guide

How to Shave the Right Way, A Step-by-Step Guide |

Shaving with acne. If you have experienced it, just reading that opening sentence will have made you flinch a bit.

Here’s my promise to you; by the end of this article, you will know the ultimate routine on how to shave with acne that will:

  • Give you a quality shave
  • Prevent future breakouts
  • Minimize irritation
  • Prevent razor bumps
  • Maximize comfort

First things first though – you are not alone. 60 million people in the US have acne. But knowing you’re not on your own with this one, doesn’t make shaving with acne any easier.

We at Prim & Prep love shaving. We invest huge amounts of resources to find you the best products, offering the best techniques and giving the best reviews. That even includes shaving your head! 


Wet Shaving 6 Step Guide

How to Shave the Right Way, A Step-by-Step Guide |

STEP 1 – Proper Beard Prep

One of the best ways to avoid razor burn, irritation, and post-shave discomfort is to make sure your beard or facial hair is not just wet, but saturated.

It’s called wet shave for a reason.

Facial hair absorbs moisture up to 1/3 of its volume.

Thick beards soak up a lot of water and even a five o’clock shadow can absorb a ton. A few splashes isn’t enough because swollen saturated hair is easier to cut.

Wet Shave Perfection

Already mastered the wet shave?

Try learning more about the modern luxury shaving culture or get tips on which Muhle safety razor is right for you.

Looking for a comprehensive product guide?

Check out our classic man’s checklist and Muhle wet shave buying guide.

FACT: Heat softens facial hair which is why barbers use a hot towel before giving you a close shave.

Many guys just throw some water on their face before getting started but this often comes with unwanted consequences razor burn, itchy skin, irritation, pimples, and in grown hairs.

Make sure to take a hot shower and use a face wash to remove the oils, dirt, and dead skin before you shave as this will help soak and soften your facial hair while prepping your skin for a close cut.

To make a home-made hot towel just run a towel under hot steaming water for a minute or two or pour hot water from the tea kettle onto a towel in a bowl or for the quickest option just microwaving a wet hand towel for around 30 seconds.

To avoid burns, make sure the towel is not too hot.

Start out just letting it sit on your skin and then as it starts to cool make sure to rub the towel against your beard to lift the hairs.

STEP 2 – High Grade Lather

Wet Shaving Brush Importance

There is a reason that every barber uses a shaving brush, and if you want a good reliable close shave…

You need to be using a wet shaving brush too.

After your beard is soaked and heated, and your skin is heat prepped, it’s time to apply shaving cream.

Shaving cream locks in moisture and lifts the whiskers up and away.

Make sure to leave the shaving cream on your face for a full minute (if you have the time) to allow it to fully soak into the coarse hair follicles.

Good shaving creams have a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers, which transform into a rich creamy lather (rather than foam) to allow your razor to glide smoothly across your skin.

Your skin is your largest organ, averaging around 8 pounds and 22 square feet.

Normally the human skin has a low permeability to keep unwanted pollutants and toxins out, but the heat and wet that is softening your whiskers is also somewhat increasing your skins permeability.

You may want to consider investing in a higher grade organic shaving cream with better ingredients.

Not only does the wet shaving brush create a rich thick lather that helps raise the hair and stay close to the skin, but it cleans off dead skin cells to give your face a cleaner healthier appearance. Just make sure apply the shaving cream in an upwards circular motion to help lift the beard.

STEP 3 – The Right Razor

Wet Shave Razors

To select the right razor you are going to have to experiment with a variety of razors to find the one that reacts the best with your whiskers and skin.

A high quality razor will give you a better shave because it starts sharper, cuts better, has the right weight, and lasts longer.

The right razor is going to be a combination of a type, weight, handle, and blades.

If you are going with a safety razor, then it is simply a matter of selecting your model and buying the associated high quality razor blades.

For example, some safety razors come with a guard to reduce the risk of nicks, and include options for open or closed tooth combs.

The R89 Safety Razor is a closed comb, which is less aggressive, allowing for better control during the shave and giving you a barrier between the blade and your skin.

The R41 Safety Razor is an open comb razor, lined with teeth that comb through the hair as it cuts, giving you an aggressive shave meant for thicker tougher hair. These are not usually recommended for men with sensitive skin.

If you prefer a more mainstream shaving performance, then it is simply a matter of selecting a good handle in the color and finish you prefer.

Once you have the handle you prefer, you simply attach high quality 3 or 5 blade razor heads (blades) to it as needed – such as the Gillette Fusion, Mach3, or similar.

Whichever razor you end up settling on, just make sure to always use sharp blades.

Dull razor blades will scratch at your skin and tug at the hairs rather than cutting smoothly through them.

NOTE: A high grade shaving cream will extend your razor blade’s lifespan by several shaves.

No matter how good the blade, you will have to replace it every three and twelve shaves when it dulls.

STEP 4 – A Smooth Technique

Wet Shave Techniques

There is a great deal of conflicting information about whether to shave with the grain or against, and ultimately it will be up to you to decide what works best for your face.

Here are the basic tenants:

FACT: Most experts recommend shaving with the grain, ie. the direction the beard is growing.

If it grows downwards, shave top down, and start with your sides, cheeks, and mustache areas to give the shaving cream more time to soak into the thicker coarser hairs on your chin.

Some men shave against the grain to acquire a closer shave, but the risks of getting cut are higher and there is a fine line between a nice close shave and cutting your whiskers below skin level which can result in razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness/shaving rashes.

So proceed with caution.

No matter whether you go with or against the grain… DO NOT push the razor into your skin.

The value of a high grade razor is that it will do all the work for you. Just let it follow your face and keep the movements smooth and even.

FACT: 99% of razor burn and bumps can be avoided by using a good razor, sharp blade, quality shaving cream, and NOT pressing too hard.

There is only a small line of difference in pressure between a close shave and over-shaving.

To go closer, just add some more lather from the brush and give specific areas a second shave (with the grain). But make sure your skin is moist and don’t overdo it or the scraping will result in skin irritation.

STEP 5 – Post Shave Skin Care

Wet Shaving Supplies

Shaving removes up to two layers of top skin, exposing fresh new under-layers to the environment.

Good post-shave skin care will protect these layers (and your face), leaving the new skin looking soothed, smooth, clean, and healthy with a glow others will envy.

On the flip side, poor post-shave skin care will aggravate these new layers and leave your face raw and sensitive, problematic, and worse for the wear.

The 5 good post-shave skin care steps are simple:

1. Rinse with warm water

2. Use a facial wash with witch-hazel or a similar soothing astringent/antiseptic.

NOTE: The right face wash helps remove leftover shaving residue, oils, bacteria, dirt, and other junk while tightening your skin without drying out your face.

3. Rinse off the facial wash with cold water to further tighten the skin.

4. Lightly pat your face dry with a clean towel.

NOTE: Patting is better than rubbing because your skin is fresh and sensitive.

5. Finish with a strong moisturizer, shave balm, or after shave lotion designed for men.

NOTE: Moisturizers designed for women are too oily for a man’s face and will leave you looking greasy.

The best after-shave balms and lotions not only soothe your skin (and replace lost moisture) but reduce over-sensitivity with a blast of post-shave cooling and refreshment.

STEP 6 – Equipment Care

Wet Shaving Products Care

Now that your face is smooth, clean, and ready for the world…

Make sure to take the same good care of your shaving gear.

The razor blade care is simple.

It requires a good final rinse in hot water to get rid of any remaining shaving cream, hair, and gunk.

But don’t wipe the blade on anything as this will just dull it faster.

Simply shake off the excess moisture and put it in a dry place to air dry before putting it away.

A razor stand is perfect as it allows both the razor and brush to slowly air dry after each shave.

Caring for your shaving brush is a critical step.

A thorough rinse that gets the cream off the top of the brush and cleans out the residue at the base of the bristles will maintain the quality of your shaving brush over time. Go gentle with it, but make sure to get the shaving cream, hair, and skin that will try and settle into the middle and around the base.

Then leave it out to air dry fully before you put it away.

If the bristles start to lose their suppleness or you start to get nasty buildup, you will want to give it a soak in warm water, then wash it with a small dollop of shampoo to restore the flexibility and soft conditioning.

There you have it. Super simple and yet ultra effective.

These elements are the cornerstone of the wet shave culture and your starting keys to getting the best shave possible every time.

You will quickly find yourself moving into more advanced wet shaving and enjoying the full benefits of the luxury shaving experience.

Follow these 6 solid steps to the luxury shaving experience that your face wants and needs.


Shaving a Goldendoodle – Step by Step Guide! –

How to Shave the Right Way, A Step-by-Step Guide |

Since most Goldendoodles have a majority of Poodle genetics, they obtain the hypoallergenic and non-shedding features that most people desire. However, the downside of this is that you have to groom your Goldendoodle’s curly hair every day (this includes brushing and combing your dood down to the skin level).

  Failure to properly groom your Goldendoodle’s curly hair will result in matting, tangles, and knots to their fur.  Don’t worry, matting is extremely common with Goldendoodles.  However, the only way to get the severe matting, tangles, and knots out is by shaving your Goldendoodle.

  Thus, we created this brilliant Guide on Shaving a Goldendoodle with lots of pictures!  It’s not that difficult to shave your Goldendoodle once you have a system down.

To prevent matting, knots, and tangle in your Goldendoodles fur, a good routine is to brush at least one body part every single day thoroughly to where you can comb through without any resistance.

  My daily routine is to switch-off and rotate between brushing and combing my Goldendoodle’s Back + Belly, Legs + Feet / Paws, and Face + chest.

  A regular routine where you brush and comb at least one body part is essential to prevent shaving a Goldendoodle.

My last recommendations is to go to the groomer if the hair is super-severely matted to the point where you can’t even put a brush through any part of the fur.  Shaving a Goldendoodle with this matted of fur will cause the dog to be really uncomfortable.

Best Selling Dog Grooming Kit:

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dog Cat

  • Built-in Li-ion Batttery. Rechargeable dog trimmer with built-in Li-ion battery is good for exceptional flexibility. It can also be used when charging so you don't have to worry that it will stop working and have half groomed dog.
  • Safe and Sharp Blade. Upgrade stainless steel fixed blade and ceramic moving blade can provide excellent cutting performance. The blade sharp enough for a long time using. Detachable blades,easy to change and clean.

Tools for Shaving a Goldendoodle

  1. Dog Clippers:  Must get one with detachable blades.  I start with a #10 blade which should come standard in any dog grooming kit.
  2. Blade Coolant: This ensures that your dog clippers remain sharp enough to cut through the fur.
  3. Andis Steel Comb: This is used for brushing out mattes.
  4. Scissors – ball point or blunt tipped only.  These scissors are our favorite.
  5. Thinning Shears: Blends the short and long hair together.
  6. Shampoo & Conditioner:  The Mane ‘N Tail has some of the best Shampoo and Conditioner combinations on the market.
  7. Detangler:  This is highly useful to have at all times.  Simply spray and brush to get out tangles and mattes.
  8. Quick Dry Dog Towel: You want a fast absorbing towel so you don’t have to wait after giving your dog a bath.
  9. Grooming Table or Pet Leash: This will help keep your dog still while you groom them.

Tips Before Shaving a Goldendoodle

  1. Be sure to listen to your Goldendoodle and let them smell the equipment that you are using so they can get used to it.
  2. Paw-sitive reinforcement with treats, and kind words “Good boy / Good Girl”
  3. Patience.  Your first time shaving your Goldendoodle will ly take several hours.

      Don’t get flustered, the process gets easier as you practice!

Step 1) Bath your Goldendoodle

Since you don’t shave your Goldendoodle often, I  to clean my Goldendoodle first with a nice bath.  I use either a no-tears baby shampoo that is gentle on the dogs skin or a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner.  Be sure to avoid shampoo in eye areas, lather the dogs body thoroughly, and rinse your Goldendoodle.

Using a shampoo makes it easier to comb through the Goldendoodle’s coat after the bath is done.  I try to give my Goldendoodle a bath only once a month, so if I recently gave him a bath then I skip this step.

Step 2) Set up your equipment

  1. Attach your Goldendoodle to a dog groomers table.  This means attaching the Goldendoodles collar to the stand so they can’t jump off the table.  I to use a groomers table so you don’t have to constantly bend over and strain your back while your shaving your Goldendoodle.
  2. The best way to start is by having your Goldendoodle sit down on the table.

      I leave the equipment out so my Goldendoodle can see and recognize the equipment: brush, comb, shaver, and shave blades.

  3. Optional: Shaving a Goldendoodle is an uncomfortable process, many grooms have to use a muzzle to prevent the dog from biting them.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog.

  I to have some small treats handy throughout the shaving process.

Step 3) Brush and Comb your Goldendoodle

As any Goldendoodle owner knows, it is essential to have a good brush and a good comb since your will using them so often.  I to brush and comb my Goldendoodle as much as possible before shaving them so the blades of the shaver can go through the hair as much as possible.

Step 4) Shaving a Goldendoodle

  1. Attach the right blade to the hair clippers.  I to start with a longer sized blade a Size 10 which correlates to a 1 1/4 inches in length.  If you’re dogs hair is severely matted, you’ll have to use a shorter blade and ly shave the dog multiple times.  See the hair clipper sizing reference chart below. 
  2. Have your Goldendoodle in the sitting position.

Shaving a Goldendoodle’s Back

Once your Goldendoodle is in the sitting position, I to start by shaving their back.  I start with the top of the Goldendoodle’s back and work my way downward.

Trim as much hair as possible while the dog is sitting

Shave your Goldendoodle’s Belly

Have the Goldendoodle stand to shave the belly.  There is a dog up stand to have the dog stand in the saddle.  Make sure you even out the hair on each side.  I to repeat the shaving process a few times to make sure the hair length is even.

Shave the Legs and Paws

Switch to a smaller blade to shave around the feet area — typically I use a size 5 or size 7.  Around the paws and underneath the paws are usually the most matted areas since these areas are difficult to brush on a daily basis.

Make sure that the dog is on the dog stand.  There is ly going to be some discomfort when shaving the feet area because this is a common matting area.  This means that your Goldendoodle is going to squirm and squeal — THIS IS NORMAL.  You need to constantly say your dogs name to keep positively reinforced by saying things “good boy or good girl.”

Use shears to further trim under and around the paws.

Cut around and inside the ears

I usually use a smaller shaving blade for the ears a size 5 or less since the hair on the ears is typically shorter.  Start by cutting under the ears, then shave inside of the ear.  BEWARE of the ear flaps as its very easy to cut them and the ears are the most sensitive areas of the Goldendoodle.

Use scissors or shears to cut the hair around the edges of the ear that are difficult for the razor to trim.

Shaving the Face Area

Attach a larger blade for the face portion of the shaving maybe a size 9.  Make sure you go in a downward pattern when shaving the Goldendoodles face.  In addition, be sure to hold the dogs ear the way for the blade so you don’t cut the ears.

Step 5) Trim the Nails

Now that the hair is shaven around the feed of the dog, it’s best the trim the nails.  I usually use a manual clipper and look for the tip of the nail that doesn’t have a blood vessel running to it.  Be sure not to trim the nail too short or the dog nail will start bleeding.  You’ll need to use a powder corn starch to stop the bleeding.

Step 6) Finishing Touches!

  • Blowdry the dog to get all the hair off the dog
  • Brush all parts of the dog including the tail
  • Comb the Goldendoodle.  The comb should be coming through without any resistance

View a video on shaving your Goldendoodle here:

Link to video


Shaving a Goldendoodle can be difficult which is why most owners will opt to go to a groomer.

  Your first time shaving your Goldendoodle will ly take several hours as you get your dog used to the equipment and different sounds coming from the razor.

  As your dog gets used to getting haircuts, the process should become much simpler.  Best of luck shaving your Goldendoodle and we hoped you learned something!

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The best way to get rid of dead skin cells and bring out ingrown hairs is by exfoliating with a facial scrub or exfoliation tools.

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Use a shaving cream that is high in lubricants and moisturizers with a rich, creamy lather, so your razor can glide effortlessly over the contours of your face. The best shaving creams keep hair soft and upright in a position prime for cutting, while creating a barrier between the razor and the skin.

Applying shaving cream with a shaving brush instead of your hands provides better coverage and helps to further lift hair for easier cutting. Plus, you’ll feel extra fancy.

While You’re Shaving

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Make sure to rinse your face with cool water when you have finished shaving. Cool water will help to soothe and refresh skin, as well as cause your blood vessels to constrict, so if you have any small nicks, blood flow will slow and clot, reducing redness. Then, gently pat dry with a clean towel rather than rubbing.

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Maintain Your Razor

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