Who Was Hitler’S Chief Staff?

Who were Hitler’s most important officers?

Also notable were Hermann Göring, who was a leader of the Nazi Party and one of the primary architects of the Nazi police state in Germany; Heinrich Himmler, who was second in power to Hitler; Joachim von Ribbentrop, foreign minister and chief negotiator of various treaties; Martin Bormann, who was one of Hitler’s ….

Who was Hitler’s best friend?

Friedrich KubizekAugust (“Gustl”) Friedrich Kubizek (3 August 1888 – 23 October 1956) was an Austrian musical conductor best known for being a close friend of Adolf Hitler, when both were in their late teens. He later wrote about their friendship in his book The Young Hitler I Knew (1955).

Who was Hitler’s favorite actress?

actress Pola NegriIn 1936, Polish actress Pola Negri, the star of Mazurka (1936), a film much admired by Hitler, returned to Germany to find that her ‘simplest wish’ was ‘granted with the speed of a royal command’, as if she were under the special protection of the Führer himself.

Who was Hitler’s henchmen?

HITLER’S HENCHMEN tells the story of the six very different men who formed the inner circle of the Nazi regime Goebbels, Goring, Himmler, Hess, Speer and Donitz.

Who was Hitler’s girlfriend?

Eva BraunHow did Eva Braun become Adolf Hitler’s mistress? Eva Braun met Adolf Hitler in 1929, at the age of 17. At the time she was employed as a saleswoman in the shop of Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s photographer and friend.

Is Germany still paying reparations for ww2?

Germany. Germany was required to pay the most for World War II, however, the original total still appears unclear – mainly because Allied countries demanded different forms of repayment at different meetings to discuss Europe after the war.

What did the SS stand for?

SchutzstaffelThe Schutzstaffel (SS; also stylized as ᛋᛋ with Armanen runes; German pronunciation: [ˈʃʊtsˌʃtafl̩] ( listen); literally ‘Protection Squadron’) was a major paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in Nazi Germany, and later throughout German-occupied Europe during World War II.

What was Hitler’s favorite color?

redHowever, Sir Ralph was more enthused by the red telephone near Hitler’s bed, noting red was his favourite colour as he accepted the “gift”, much to the delight of the Soviet officer.

Who was Hitler’s top generals?

ReichsführerNamePositionParty numberJoseph BerchtoldSecond Reichsführer-SS 1926–1927750Erhard HeidenThird Reichsführer-SS 1927–192974Heinrich HimmlerFourth Reichsführer-SS 1929–1945 Chief of German Police Minister of the Interior Chief of the replacement Army14303Karl HankeFinal Reichsführer-SS 19451026062 more rows

Who was Hitlers wife?

Eva Braunm. 1945–1945Adolf Hitler/Wife

What were Hitler’s bodyguards called?

Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (“Life Guards SS Adolf Hitler”; LSSAH) was an elite SS protection unit founded in 1933 as a palace guard to provide protection for Hitler’s residences and offices.

What was Adolf Hitler’s favorite movie?

King KongUntil the outbreak of World War II, between twenty and sixty new American titles hit German theaters every year; Hitler himself was a huge fan of Merian C. Cooper’s 1933 film King Kong.

Who was Hitler’s favorite actor?

Johannes HeestersJohannes Heesters rose to fame in Germany in the 1930s, becoming a crowd favourite at Berlin’s Komische Oper and Admiralspalast. He was said to have been a particular favourite of Adolf Hitler.

Did Eva Braun give birth?

February 6, 1912Eva Braun/Date of birth