Who Is Best Para SF Or NSG?

What is salary of Para SF?

(a) Monetary Benefits.

Over and above the standard Army allowances which are authorised depending on the sector where an individual serves, a Sepoy rank soldier in the Special Forces unit will get Rs.

17,300/- per month as Special Forces Allowance and Rs.

6000/- per month in Para Battalion as Para Pay..

Which Para SF is best?

It is said that the “unit that sees most action is always the best” and considering this statement then 9 PARA SF is the best. On top of that 9 PARA SF has been conferred the title of “Bravest of the Brave” and has been responsible for creation of various other Special Forces unit in India : National Security Guards.

How good are Para SF?

Whole mission took around 40 minutes, Para SF went in smoothly, killed upto 158 Naga rebels and then came out swiftly without any casuality from our their side. It was a really successful operation and showed how good our Para (Special Forces) are.

Which gun is used by Para SF?

Tavor TAR-21(Israeli weapon) is the primary weapon of choice for Para commandos. Besides this they use M4 carbine, modified AK. for close quarters, there weapons are Micro UZI(again an israeili weapon), B&T mp9(swiss made). Galil and Dragunov sniper rifles.

Do Para SF get holidays?

Of particular mention is India’s defense cooperation with Russia, with her well known Spetznaz. While some of these troops may be on leave or otherwise available to celebrate a holiday, none of them really take a day off. All of them, Indian commandos included, are always ready to go.

Why do Para SF eat glass?

Those who fear them, call them the ‘Glass Eaters’. All that hellish and brutal training gives the Parachute Commandos an edge over regular forces not only physically but also, mentally. And this glass eating tradition is one such ritual that fosters their sense of absolute fearlessness and superiority.

How long is Para SF training?

Selection (encompassing a selection process and basic SF training) – the duration of this stage has changed over the years. For the Para (Air) it was initially 28 days which became 45 days after 1999 and is now 90 days (approximately 3 months). The Para (SF) was 90 days long and hasn’t been changed since.

How do I prepare for SF Para?

First and foremost, you have to prepare to join the Indian Army. … Joining as an Jawan.You will have to attend a recruitment rally and clear the physical tests to get selected for recruit training as an Infantry Soldier.Physical Fitness Test (PFT)More items…

Which is better NSG or para SF?

Its type of enforcement agency. NSG draws men from army , paramilitary and police whereas the para sf only include personnel from army. One more difference is that NSG are only trained for rescue ops , hostage crisis etc that happen only within India.

What is the difference between Para and Para SF?

The only similarity between them is that all three forces are commandos. The other two are best used behind enemy lines; the Para battalions have the ability to hold ground for brief periods, while the Para SF are mobile forces that have to strike multiple targets hard and move on – the “tip of the spear”.

Can Para SF keep beard?

Exceptions for other religions are made in the case of special forces operatives like the Indian Air Force Pilots, Indian army’s Para (Special Forces) soldiers and the navy’s MARCOS commandos who are allowed to grow beards.

What is the age limit to join Para SF?

32 years oldEligibility Criteria for Para SF Commando: A candidate must be a part of the Indian Armed forces. Age Limit: The age of the candidate should not be more than 32 years old to apply for this. There is no decided age to apply for this. A candidate just needs to be part of the Indian Army Service.