What Name Means Wolf For A Girl?

What are good wolf names for a girl?

Names That Mean WolfAccalia – She-wolf (Latin)Adalwolf – Noble wolf (German)Adalwolfa / Adolpha – Noble she-wolf (German)Adolfo – Noble wolf (Latin)Adolph / Adoff – Noble wolf (German)Amaruq – Grey wolf (Inuit)Amoux – Eagle wolf (French)Arnou – Eagle wolf (French)More items….

What name means warrior for a girl?

Baby Girl Names That Mean WarriorNameMeaningBriannaAnother warrior name for girls which conveys the meaning ‘strong, virtuous honourable’. It is a name of Irish origin.BridgetThis name has Gaelic or Irish origin. It means ‘exalted one, power’ It comes from Brigid or Brigh meaning ‘strength.48 more rows•Feb 25, 2020

What is a cute name for a wolf?

That is why we think it’s a great idea to pick a name for your pup that relates to their powerful ancestry. We have put together a list of some wonderful and wild wolf names that we believe would make a perfect name for your pooch….Wolf NamesMowgliSpiritFangRiverArcticStarLokiAxel21 more rows•Jul 26, 2019

What does Accalia mean?

Origin: Greek. Meaning: Mythical Greek Name. The name Accalia means Mythical Greek Name and is of Greek origin. Accalia is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Accalia was the foster-mother of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome.

What names mean fearless?

100 Baby Names Meaning FearlessNAMESMEANINGAbheekFearless; Brave; CourageousIndianAbheyFearless; Brave; CourageousIndianAbhiFearless; Brave; CourageousIndianAbhinuBrave Man; Fearless; CourageousIndian13 more rows

What name means Little Wolf?

LOUP: French form of Latin Lupus, meaning “wolf.” LOUVEL: Old Norman French byname derived from a diminutive form of the word lou “wolf,” hence “little wolf.” LOVEL: Variant spelling of English Lovell, meaning “little wolf.”

Is Wolf a girl name?

The name Wolf is a girl’s name meaning “traveling Wolf”. Notable Wolfs like Blitzer, Mankowitz, and Kahn give this name a masculine bent, but nature names are inherently unisex, so we see no reason why Wolf can’t be used on a baby girl.

What girl names mean fearless?

18 Baby Girl Names That Mean FearlessNAMESMEANINGAndrietteThey are strong, fearless, brave and limitlessDanishAnfelisaThey are fearless, neat and activeAudenziaFeminine version of Audenzio, meaning one who dares or one is who is fearless.Italian,SicilianBasilahBrave; FearlessArabic16 more rows

What name means love?

Along with Rhys and Amora, other names that mean love in the US Top 1000 include David, Esme, Jedidiah, Lennon, Mila, Oscar, Philip, and Valentina. Names that mean love or beloved in other languages include Carys, Querida, Rudo, and Sajan.

What is a boy Wolf called?

Male wolves can be called many things depending on their rank and status. You can use the gender description interchangeably with titles such as: alpha, beta, gamma,omega, stud, brute, pup, juvenile, adolescent, adult.

What does Akela mean?

akela. ake·​la | \ ə-ˈkē-lə \ plural -s. Definition of akela (Entry 2 of 2) : a leader of a cub scout pack.

What is a good wolf name?

Good Wolf NamesAchak – Means spirit in native American.Adalwolf – Noble wolf.Alaska.Amarok.Artic.Aspen.Aura.Barwolf – Axwolf.More items…•

Who is the God of wolves?

Fenrir, also called Fenrisúlfr, monstrous wolf of Norse mythology. He was the son of the demoniac god Loki and a giantess, Angerboda.

What is wolf in other languages?

AhtnatikaaniDanishulvDogripnodiDutchWolfEnglishGray Wolf96 more rows