Quick Answer: What Does The Abbreviation SI Stand For?

What does SI mean in text?

The Meaning of SI SI means “Stop It” or “Stupid Idiot” So now you know – SI means “Stop It” or “Stupid Idiot” – don’t thank us.


What does SI mean.

SI is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SI definition is given..

What is an SI in technology?

A systems integrator is an individual or business that builds computing systems for clients by combining hardware, software, networking and storage products from multiple vendors.

What is an SI project?

System integration (SI) projects, if done right, can provide a big boost to enterprise productivity. Eliminating repetitive data entry and putting the right information needed in front of the user improves efficiency and customer service.

What does SI mean medically?

SI. Abbreviation for International System of Units (Système International d’Unités).

Is TX short for treatment?

Medical Abbreviations: For example Dx stands for diagnosis, Tx stands for treatment, Hx stands for history, and Rx stands for prescription.

What does the acronym SI mean?

Système InternationaleS.I. is an abbreviation of Système Internationale or International System: our metric system of measurements. It is an internationally standardised system, giving a common language between nations and between the different branches of science and technology.

What does SI stand for in money?

Standing InstructionAnswered Aug 9, 2018 · Author has 1.7k answers and 3.3m answer views. SI in the context of banking stands for Standing Instruction. A depositor may wish to pay his monthly premium to, say, insurance policies, or pay mobile payments or send money to his father, who is far away and has an account in a bank.

What does SI mean in business?

systems integratorA systems integrator (or system integrator) is a person or company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together, a practice known as system integration.

What does SI stand for in mental health?

Common terms and abbreviations in clinical filesTerm/abbreviationMeaningRPNRegistered psychiatric nurseSADSchizoaffective disorderSECUSecure extended care unit – locked mental health inpatient unit which provides rehabilitation and treatment, often long-termSI/SHSuicidal idealation/suicidal harm40 more rows

What does ISO stand for in mental health?

ISO in PsychologyISOIsolation Military, Army, EquipmentISOInventory of Suicide Orientation Assessment, Medical, Adolescent