Quick Answer: Does Redmi Note 8 Pro Support Google Camera?

Does Google work on xiaomi?

Xiaomi will continue to pre-install Google’s Phone and Messages apps on global devices.

Starting with (and including) the Mi 9T Pro, all Xiaomi smartphones that launch internationally are shipping with Google’s Phone and Messages apps..

Is GCAM as good as pixel?

Gcam is originally optimized to Pixel hardware, so it’ll perform better (or at least however Google intended it to be). The port just allows the app to run on other phones. Using gcam on my 3T. I don’t have a Pixel phone to compare the results, but my pics have improved a lot compared to the stock OP camera.

Yes you can download it. If it is not available on play store you can download it from XDA Developers site. It is a very trusted site and their is no malicious software there.

Is GCam better?

Not really. For low-light shooting or portrait mode, most users consider Google Camera (GCam) better than their camera’s default Camera application. However, Google Camera does not support all the features of your smartphone, such as additional cameras (ultra wide angle, zoom, etc.).

Is redmi Note 8 Pro a good choice?

All said and done, Redmi Note 8 Pro is an impressive device and offers great value for money at its selling price. It raises the performance bar in the 15-20K category courtesy of its unlikely hero, the Mediatek Helio G90T SoC.

Should you buy redmi Note 8 Pro?

Redmi Note 8 Pro: Why you should choose it over others -The Redmi Note 8 Pro offers a premium glass build that most of its rivals don’t offer. It also comes in beautiful gradient colours, making it one of the best looking phones in its class. -Xiaomi offers its biggest display on the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Does redmi Note 8 Pro Support Google assistant?

Assistants galore Google Assistant on Android smartphones isn’t new. But the addition of Amazon Alexa is. The Redmi Note 8 Pro comes with dual voice assistants built-in. While I was able to configure Google Assistant while setting up the phone, Alexa had to be done via Amazon Alexa app.

Should I install GCAM?

The Gcam app has been developed to squeeze out the best from that. But you install it on a phone with a 16MP, 32MP, 48MP or 64MP sensor. … In my opinion, if you have been wanting to instal Gcam app on your non-Pixel Android smartphone, do not bother. It isn’t worth the trouble most of the time.

Why is Google camera so good?

The google camera app is the reason behind capturing so much detail and better dynamic range. The HDR+ mode gives you a better dynamic range with such a great detail just because the image processing is so good and is able extract more light and produces better lowlight shots. … The image shown at pixel 3 launch event.

Is GCAM safe to install?

B-S-G has changed that, and though the ported app can’t be downloaded from the Play Store (given that it is an unofficial port), the APK is available online. The folks at XDA Developers both tested and analyzed the app, and concluded that it doesn’t contain any malicious code and is safe to install.

Is Google camera better?

The Google Pixel is the best smartphone you can buy, thanks in part to its killer camera. But its photo smarts go beyond the specs. Like many of Google’s greatest hits, the magic’s in the algorithms. The Pixel offers compelling evidence that phones haven’t just replaced point-and-shoot cameras.

How do I enable OK Google in redmi?

To Enable “OK Google” voice Recognition you need to follow below steps:Go to the “Google” App.Select “Setting” from the bottom right.Go to “Voice” and then “Voice Match”Choose when you want Google to listen to “Ok Google” and set it up by repeating it 3 times.

How do I enable ambient mode?

How to activate Ambient Mode on AndroidPress the Compass icon to access Settings.Tap on your avatar, then Settings, then Assistant.Scroll to the bottom and select Phone/Tablet.Scroll down to Personalization.Toggle Ambient Mode on.

Does redmi Note 8 Pro support GCAM?

Yes, it has support for GCAM Mods as all devices launched with Android 8 must support camera 2api as per Google’s guidelines. But there is a catch. All GCAM Mods are developed for Qualcomm Snapdragon System on Chips. Redmi Note 8 pro on the other hand comes with Mediatek’s Helio G90T.

How long does redmi Note 8 Pro battery last?

about 14 hoursBattery life is decent on the Redmi Note 8 Pro if you consider the kind of performance it packs. The 4,500mAh battery in this device went on for about 14 hours in our HD video loop test.