Can A Si Become IPS?

Is si a good job?

Yes, a sub inspector of police is definitely a good job.

A SI deputed as SO/SHO will also be given an official vehicle for performing official duties.

Job of an SI in police is also thrilling..

Does Sub Inspector have gun?

Yes , a sub- inspector have a pistol to perform his duty. This pistol provide by the government police department to perform the task. A sub- inspector may issue the pistol with his name from armoury.

Is ACP a IPS officer?

At this level, he is designated as Sub Divisional Police Officer and commands about 8 to 10 police stations. ACP is the first posting given to an IPS officer in Police Commissionerates. … At this level, he is designated as Sub Divisional Police Officer and commands about 8 to 10 police stations.

Which is highest post in IPS?

State Police Officer And, depending on the number of years in the service and achievements an IPS officer will become eligible for the post Director and Inspector General of Police (DGP). DGP is the highest ranking police officer. Besides the cadre States, IPS officers serve the Union Government on deputation.

What rank is IPS?

IPS Salary (As per the ranks):RanksSalaryAdditional Director General of Police or Special Commissioner of Police37,400-67,000 INR along with grade pay of 12,000 INRInspector-General of Police/Joint Commissioner of Police37,400-67,000 INR along with grade pay of 10,000 INR6 more rows

Is uniform necessary for IPS officers?

The IPS officers wear uniform on duty. When they are off duty they do not wear uniforms. When they are at home they do not wear a uniform but if there is a sudden emergency and they have to rush out, they quickly change into uniform and take their weapon and rush to handle the crisis.

What is the lowest post in IPS?

Commissioner of Police (CP) or Director General of Police (DGP)Special Commissioner of Police (Spl CP) or Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)Additional Commissioner of Police (Addl CP) or Inspector General of Police (IGP)Joint Commissioner of Police (Addl CP) or Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP)More items…

What does 3 star mean in police?

Additional Director General of PoliceIn India the Additional Director General of Police (ADG) is a 3 star rank, the highest ranking police officer in Indian State and Territories. All ADGs are Indian Police Service (IPS) officers. … The rank insignia of an ADG is the national emblem over a crossed sword and baton.

Is RPF SI good job?

Not only is the Indian Railway one of the highest pay masters also it provides security and stability to its employees. The railway employees, especially the RPF staff like SI and Constables enjoys good perks and benefits in comparison to the ones employed with the state government.

What is the highest post a sub inspector can reach?

He can be the station officer in some of the states like Kerala. A sub-inspector ranks above an assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) and below an inspector. Most sub-inspectors are directly recruited into the police and have better educational qualifications than lower-ranking police officers.

Is IPS training tough?

IPS training is regarded as one of the most dynamic and difficult training in our country as the IPS officers have to command the civil and armed police forces in all the Indian States and Union Territories in this nation. During IPS training, officers have a deep sense of accomplishment and self-actualization.

Can a Si become sp?

One who is heired as an Inspector, the next promotion will be to the rank of DSP (Deputy superintendent of Police), then SP ( Superintendent of Police), not ASP. Only Css qualifiers can have the post of ASP, not the rankers. Thirdly, for an Inspector to become an SP, it takes more than 10 to 12 years.

What is the power of SI?

A sub-inspector (SI) is generally in command of few police personnel (with head constables, the equivalent of corporals, commanding police outposts). He is the lowest ranked officer who under Indian Police rules and regulations can file a charge sheet in court, and is usually the first investigating officer.

What are the qualification for SI?

Educational QualificationPostEducational QualificationExecutive BranchBachelor’s Degree or equivalent from a recognized UniversityFire Service BranchCandidate must have passed Intermediate/Higher Secondary (10 + 2) with Science and Sub. Officers Course or its equivalent Diploma in Science or Fire Fighting1 more row

Which is the biggest post in police?

Particularly, The highest authority of any state in police is DGP ( Director General Of Police ). In India, the Director General of Police (DGP) is a three star rank and the highest ranking police officer in Indian States and Union Territories. All DGPs are Indian Police Service (IPS) officers.

Can state police become IPS?

Yes, all state police officers have opportunity to become an IPS officer, even some seats of IPS are reserved for state police officers.

Can IG suspend SP?

But the Sr IPS officer not below the rank of DIG or IG. The SP can suspend the Constable and Head Constable or ASI. … Not every IPS can suspend the SI. Only the appointing authority is the competent authority to punish.

What is the salary of a Si?

UP Police SI Salary In Hand after 7th Pay CommissionPostUP POLICE Sub InspectorGrade PayRs. 4200/-Allowances (DA & HRA)Rs. 13500/-7th CPC Initial Basic PayRs. 35400/-Gross Monthly SalaryRs. 27900/- to Rs. 104400/-3 more rows

Do IPS officers get bodyguards?

IPS are usually given 2–3 PSO (Personal security officer) and 1 driver & other staff. … Sometimes IPS officer also provided with Z to Z+ category security. Depends upon his seniority and threat perception . A new recruit is provided with 2 constables-one bodyguard and a driver thats it..

Can a sub inspector become IPS?

SI in police cannot become IPS officer even after promotion . SI can be promoted maximum upto deputy SP .

Can a Si become DSP?

SI most probably can become a DSP in his state police and if fortunate can be promoted above also as an Addl. SP but very few are promoted to that.