How to Get Younger-Looking Skin: 3 Products You Need In Your Skin Care Arsenal

5 Tips To Combat Signs Of Aging For More Youthful Looking Hands

How to Get Younger-Looking Skin: 3 Products You Need In Your Skin Care Arsenal

You use your hands to apply your arsenal of anti-aging serums and creams to your under-eye areas, face, and neck every day and night, but do you use any of them on your hands? If you answered no, you might want to reconsider. Here's why: your hands can show signs of aging, too-in the form of wrinkles, age spots and crepiness-and maybe even faster than all of those aforementioned facial areas.

What's more: your hands are what might give away your real age.

In a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, researchers found that when people looked at pictures of women's hands, they were more ly to be able to correctly estimate their age.

And not surprisingly, wrinkles, thin skin and spots were the biggest clues behind the ages of the so-called old hands versus the younger-looking ones.

In this article, we discuss why your oft-neglected hands age so quickly and what steps you can take to make your hands look younger.

The reason hands age so fast

Think about it: We use our hands for just about everything. They frequently come into contact with a lot of aggressors: water, soap, harsh cleaning solutions, etc., all of which can wear down the skin's lipid barrier- the outermost, protective layer.

When that happens, your skin is left with microscopic cracks that allow water to escape, leaving your hands looking and feeling dry and dull. It's also more vulnerable to irritants and allergens.

Plus, unless you're wearing gloves year round, your hands are constantly exposed to the elements. The biggest offender is, of course, sun and its UV radiation. We know that UV light breaks down the skin's collagen and elastin. Over time, hand skin is thinner, more wrinkled, and saggy.

Think about lightly pinching the hand skin of a toddler. It would quickly snap back into place. Now do the same to yours.

Not quite the same effect, huh? Of course, some of this happens with the natural aging process, but studies have shown that UV rays play a key role in accelerating the process-up to 80 percent of skin aging comes from UV exposure and damage.

5 Tips for Younger-Looking Hands

Try these simple but surprising tricks to help make your hands look younger

1. Wear gloves when washing dishes

We know, a pair of rubber gloves scream “1950s housewife,” but protecting your hands from a sink full of soapy water is an old-school trick worth doing.

Prolonged exposure to water, especially water mixed with harsh dish soap, can strip skin of its essential lipids and compromise hand skin's barrier, causing skin to dry out.

And dehydrated hands not only look dull, but also wrinkled. Giving them a waterproof shield can help you get those dishes done while sparing your skin from moisture loss. The most comfortable type is rubber lined with soft cotton. We also recommend using warm or cold water and avoiding very hot water as this will dehydrate or lead to drier skin.

2. Exfoliate away dull, discolored skin

If exfoliating is part of your regular facial routine, next time you do it, swipe some on the tops of your hands, too. Just the skin on your face, hand skin gets lackluster and develops dark spots that can make it appear way older than it actually is.

A scrub or an acid-based exfoliant (think glycolic acid) can help whisk away or dissolve dead skin cells, uncovering brighter, fresher, and more importantly, younger-looking skin.

3. Use hand sanitizer sparingly

Sorry germaphobes: The slippery stuff may ward off germs, but it's extremely drying for your skin.

That's because the main ingredient is typically alcohol, which not only strips skin's surface of germs, but also its essential lipid barrier, causing skin to dry out (that's why skin feels tight after an application).

If you can't resist, especially during cold and flu season, use less. And keep it on your palms, not the tops of your hands. Then follow with a coating of hand cream to counteract moisture loss.

4. Skip the UV gel manicure

We know, gel manicures are so convenient. Who really has the time to wait for polish to dry? But experts say repeated exposure to a UV lamp, which is used to cure and harden gel lacquer, may cause skin damage (wrinkles and age spots) on par with unprotected sun exposure, and even increase your risk for skin cancer.

Yikes! Plus, the nail polish remover used to take off the gel polish is super strong acetone, a chemical that's extremely harsh and drying.

If you're not willing to forgo your gel mani, at least ask your manicurist to apply SPF 30 to your hands before you go under the lamp, and when removing, only soak your tips in the acetone, not your surrounding skin.

5. Upgrade Your Basic Hand Cream

Show your hard-working hands the same respect you show your face by treating them to quality, anti-aging skincare, only made for your mitts.

A basic moisturizer might give you instant gratification, but a well-formulated treatment packed with ingredients specifically for hand skin will lock in moisture longer and address the things that make your hands appear old: spots, thin, crepey skin and, of course, wrinkles.

The ideal treatment for younger-looking hands contains intense (but non-greasy) moisturizers, barrier strengthening ingredients and skin-plumping agents.

Enter Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Hand Therapy. It's made with Shea Butter, which deeply moisturizes and plies hand skin with essential fatty acids (necessary for healthy skin), as well as vitamins A, E, and F. Plus, Shea butter can visibly improve the look of wrinkles and dark spots.

Phospholipids help shore up tiny gaps along the skin's barrier, giving your hands a better layer of protection against moisture loss and environmental aggressors. And finally, glycine, an amino acid naturally produced in the body helps skin retain its moisture levels.

As a result, thin, crepey skin appears plumper, firmer and smoother.

Perricone's Hands-On Approach to Aging

Cold Plasma Plus+ Hand Therapy is one of the latest products to join the Cold Plasma Plus+ family. The line started off with a single facial product that took years of research and development to get just right. But due to its popularity and the fact that it really does deliver measurable anti-aging results, Dr.

Perricone used the same cutting-edge Cold Plasma technology to tackle trouble spots including hands, neck, and chest, and fragile body skin. other products in the Cold Plasma Plus+ collection, Hand Therapy is packed with proven ingredients that deliver results.

Across the board, all Cold Plasma Plus+ products include Perricone MD's proprietary liquid crystal delivery system that helps the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin where they can be most effective.

So, what about those measurable results we mentioned? When participants used Hand Therapy at least twice daily for eight weeks, 100 percent saw better skin hydration and barrier function, 92 percent had tighter skin, and 80 percent had an improvement in crepiness. Ready to try it first hand? (Pun intended.) Check it out here.


11 Anti-Aging Tricks Jennifer Lopez Uses to Look Half Her Age at 50

How to Get Younger-Looking Skin: 3 Products You Need In Your Skin Care Arsenal

Jennifer Lopez’s awe-inspiring performance at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show has got everyone talking. Not only were her pole dancing skills on point with someone— an experienced pro—in their twenties, but her ageless beauty is quickly earning her the nickname J. Glow.

So just how does the star manage to make 50 look the new 20-something when it comes to her flawless complexion? Ahead, the A-lister's fountain of youth skincare secrets—from healthy habits to the exact anti-aging products in her beauty arsenal.

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Despite her busy schedule of acting, making new music, performing in concerts, attending movie premieres, working out with her fiancé, slugger Alex Rodriguez, and mothering her two children (Max and Emme), Lopez somehow finds time to get more sleep than the majority of the country. 

“The number one tip is to always get enough sleep. I can't stress this enough,” she told InStyle in 2018. “I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight.”

Lopez believes that beauty starts from within. “Sorry, it’s true! I think drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables (I keep [them] with me at all time.) all play into the quality of skin’s appearance,” she shared with People in 2016. 

You might see J.Lo out on the town occasionally, but you will never catch her throwing back drinks or puffing on a cigarette. “She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. She lives a very clean life,” her fiancé attested to Harper's Bazaar in 2018.

While Lopez does enjoy coffee in the morning, she sticks to decaf. “I haven’t had caffeine in years,” she reportedly told Us Weekly in 2016. 

While she does work hard to keep her J.Lo glow, she also admits she has a genetic advantage. “I have to say I have good genes,” she confessed to Today. “My mom and my grandma had beautiful skin, so I was blessed with that. I'm fortunate in that way.”

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In addition to her diet, Lopez believes that there is a mind-body connection when it comes to beauty. “I definitely think beauty comes from within—you have to keep your mind, soul, body and spirit in sync,” she told InStyle in 2016. “I am a firm believer in meditating and when you are happy and feel joy and love, you radiate beauty.”

She also revealed Harper's Bazaarin 2018 that she is a fan of mantras and daily affirmations. “I am youthful and timeless. I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. It sounds clichéd bullshit, but it’s not: Age is all in your mind. Look at Jane Fonda,” she shared. 

Lopez works out—a lot! And after every sweat session, she makes sure to refresh. “I always, always wash my face after a workout,” she told Hello! in 2016. “That helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy.”

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Lopez is a “firm believer in SPF,” she told InStyle in 2018. “I try not to stay out in the sun too long,” she added. She also revealed in an interview with People in 2016 that she relies on sunscreen every single day to protect her skin. 

Lopez also revealed to People that she regularly uses glycolic acid to “get that healthy glow and clear skin.” Her go-to? L’Oreal's Bright Reveal Brightening Day Moisturizer SPF 30 ($18; amazon.

com), an affordable anti-aging moisturizer that features SPF 30 to protect skin from the sun and glycolic acid, vitamin c, and pro-retinol to brighten and smooth skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Even though she might spend hours in the makeup chair for performances and special events, Lopez makes sure to allow her skin opportunities to breathe. “I am pretty low-key when it comes to my day-to-day beauty routine,” she confessed to InStyle in 2016. “I have to wear a lot of makeup for work, so when I am not working, I tend to wear little to no makeup.”

While she does try to go makeup-free as often as possible, the star does lean on a structured skincare routine to maintain her healthy, youthful-looking complexion. She even revealed some of her favorite skincare products to Hello! in 2016. While most of her favorites aren't *so* cheap, a few of her tried-and-true products are worth splurging on.

Her longtime makeup artist, Scott Barnes, also revealed in an interview with Popsugar in 2018 that the star swears by La Mer Moisturizing Cream (from $90;, a cult-favorite cream that deeply hydrates dry skin. “That's the one thing that's on the makeup station, no matter what,” he said.

The Secret to J.Lo’s Incredible Abs, According to Her Trainer

The Upper-Body Workout That Gives J.Lo Her Strong, Toned Arms

The Full-Body Workout That Keeps J.Lo in Amazing Shape

J.Lo Says This Is the Most Difficult Part of Her 10-Day No Sugar Challenge

This Is Jennifer Lopez's Advice for Anyone Who's Been Cheated On


Skincare Tips: 6 Biggest Skincare Mistakes

How to Get Younger-Looking Skin: 3 Products You Need In Your Skin Care Arsenal


You already know it’s a sin to go to bed without washing your face (right?!), but that’s just one of many common bad habits that can seriously screw with your skin.

To determine the most unforgivable beauty mistakes, we talked to board certified dermatologist Debra Luftman, M.D., co-author of The Beauty Prescription and dermatologist for Simple skincare.

Brace yourself for some tough love—trust us, your skin will thank you later!

Mistake #1: You pile on the products We’ve all done it—you hear rave reviews about a new treatment and immediately think, Omigod, I need that! Before you know it, your beauty arsenal consists of toners, moisturizers, scrubs, retinols, cleansers, creams, and more. Not only is applying all of these products excessive and time-consuming, but you run the risk of irritating your skin. According to Luftman, your daily skincare routine should really cap off at three to four products. “You only need a cleanser, daily sunscreen, and a treatment-oriented product— a moisturizer, acne treatment, or anti-aging product,” Luftman says.

If you’re constantly tempted by a new mask or cream that you bought, keep it sight so you only use it occasionally. And nix harsh scrubs and toners from your daily routine—they should only be used two to three times per week, Luftman says.

Mistake #2: You skimp on sleep and water  There’s a reason your face resembles a celebrity mug shot after a night of partying. “Sleep and hydration are essential for skin health,” Luftman says.

Not getting enough water can literally leave your skin thirsty, making it look dry and dull, so make sure you’re drinking enough water every day (and it’s not necessarily just eight glasses!). And hitting the sheets a little earlier can help give you a healthier glow.

“Sleep is so important for skin turnover and for blood volume coming to the skin,” Luftman says. “It just makes all the difference in the world.” Stay fresh-faced by aiming for the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Mistake #3: You pick products that try to do too much When a single product promises you clearer skin, fewer wrinkles, and smaller pores, who wouldn’t want to snatch that up? The problem: It’s highly unly that a product will contain enough of each ingredient to live up to all of those claims—and if does, it’s probably too harsh for your skin.

“Women are now tending to use products that multitask. Unfortunately, that means choosing products with more and often irritating ingredients,” Luftman says. Her suggestion: Check out the ingredient label—anything after the first three ingredients isn’t doing much. Instead, stick to products with fewer ingredients that are targeting a specific issue, says Luftman.

Mistake #4: You put on products a little haphazardly   Yes, it actually matters which products you put on first, which ones you combine, and when you apply them! When it comes to layering products, you want to put on the treatment-oriented product first, says Luftman.

For example, if you’re using a retinol or acne treatment, you should apply that before a basic moisturizer. And talk to a dermatologist before using more than one product with irritating ingredients, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid—two common OTC acne-fighters.

Finally, use harsher products retinols at night, since they can make your skin more sun sensitive, says Luftman.

Mistake #5: You leave your makeup on at the gym We know it can be a little unnerving to work out totally bare-faced, but your skin will be better for it.

Even mineral makeup formulas that swear they won’t clog your pores can still cause you to break out after a sweat session, says Luftman. Keep makeup removing wipes in your gym bag so that you have no excuses.

Feeling too exposed? You can get away with wearing a very basic tinted moisturizer—just make sure it’s oil free, says Luftman.

Mistake #6: You’re skipping a daily sunscreen We know you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s worth repeating: “The most important step not to miss on a daily basis is the use of an SPF,” says Luftman.

Not only can it protect you against sunburns and skin cancer, but new research found that people who use a daily sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher have significantly younger-looking skin. Luftman’s suggestion: Simple’s Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15, an oil-free formula that shields against UVA and UVB rays.

In this case, it’s fine to let a moisturizer pull double-duty as a sunscreen (See mistake #3). If you plan to be in the sun for an extended period of time, be sure to layer on something a little stronger— SPF 30 or higher.

photo: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

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55 Skin Care Tips and Tricks – Best Anti Aging Secrets –

How to Get Younger-Looking Skin: 3 Products You Need In Your Skin Care Arsenal

Chaloner WoodsGetty Images

It's a new decade and your skincare resolutions are just beginning. Whether stress from work has given way to aging fears or royal family drama has awakened acne breakouts, we've got you covered.

Your skincare should strengthen under the most stressful of situations. Find out which foods to cut your Trader Joe's runs and why we're embracing tea and shade more than ever before.

Below, the 55 tips for a decade full of healthy skin, lots of sleep, and a vat of SPF.

1 of 55

Meet Your Moisturizer Soul Mate

The best defense against dry skin? Making friends with a daily moisturizer. Applying lotion right after stepping the shower seals in the moisture that your skin has just absorbed. And since hands are often the first indicators of aging, invest in a heavy moisturizer to keep in your bag, car, and office. Here are a few can't stop talking about.

2 of 55

Kick The Caffeine

Can't figure out why you have dry skin? Caffeine may be the culprit. Replace the java with H2O, and add fruit slices, orange or lemon, to enhance the flavor. In conclusion, Skincare > Starbucks.

3 of 55

Stopping the Scroll

Tearing yourself away from the 'gram may seem too high a price to pay. But we promise your skin is paying more. Keep antibacterial wipes handy to swipe your phone clean and help your skin stay clear. Make cleansing your cell—and yourself—of toxins a part of your weekly to-do's.

4 of 55

Stan Sunscreen

Slathering your skin with SPF is a priority, even if you're worried your block will make you break out.

“Sunscreen formulas made with zinc are generally nongreasy and nonirritating, making them especially good for acne, sensitive skin,” says Colleen Shimamoto, educational adviser for DermaQuest Skin Therapy.

“So, opt for physical blocks zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which reflect the sun's UVB and UVA rays.”

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Survive Sans Salt

If your skin feels parched, it might be time to give up your secret pretzel stash. Excess sodium in your diet can suck the moisture skin and leave it dull and dry. Cut back on salty treats and invest in a hydrating facial moisturizer to combat the dehydration. Unfortunately, fresh skin trumps that order of french fries.

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“When you exfoliate, you're evening out the skin's surface by revealing fresh cells underneath,” says Annet King, director of Global Education at the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. “Exfoliate regularly to remove the dead, complexion-dulling skin cells that can give you a dull appearance.”

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Sporty Spice

While you may not apply hair products to your face, the residue can often end up there anyway. Next time you use hairspray, cover your face with a clean towel to protect your skin. Also, use a sweatband when you hit the gym to keep the products from dripping down when you begin to sweat.

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Dance It Out

Your excuse to practice J.Lo's routine from Hustlers or learn a TikTok dance is here. Exercise gives your face a healthy glow by increasing blood flow. And when you sweat, it clears the body of toxins and removes dead skins cells so new ones can grow. Without regular exercise you may see an increase in age spots, so grab your dancing shoes and get to work.

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Stay Shady

Keep those sunnies close! Squinting in the sun can contribute to crow's feet, so always sport sunglasses with UV protection. Those with light-colored eyes have heightened light sensitivity, but brown-eyed beauties should shade their peepers, too.

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Sleep In

Kylie Jenner may want the world to “Rise and Shine…” but don't set that alarm just yet. Not getting enough Zzz's can cause stress, which leads to breakouts and a dull complexion. Bottom line: Don't deprive your body and skin of sleep—it uses that time to regenerate and recover from your day-to-day activities.

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Treat Yo Self

“Whether it's a facial, massage, or even a pedicure, be sure to pamper yourself,” says Dr. Howard Murad, founder of Murad Skincare. “Your health and appearance are positively influenced by increasing your emotional and mental well-being. A visit to the spa is a foolproof way to promote stress relief and relaxation.” Doctor's orders!

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Eye on the Prize

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, so it shows the first signs of aging. Even if you're in your 20s, preventative care now will keep your eyes looking healthy for decades to come. Here's some eye masks to get the self-care started.

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Don't Sweat It

When your body heats up, sweating helps it keep your core temperature down. Unfortunately, this can irritate skin and cause breakouts. To remedy, look for a body wash that lists salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient on the label.

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Flip It & Reverse it

“Sleeping in certain positions may result in sleep lines,” according to The American Academy of Dermatology. After a while, these lines can turn into deep-set wrinkles, so hit the sheets backside-first.

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Smoke Signals

There are thousands of reasons why smoking is bad for you, but did you know second-hand smoke can also be harmful to your skin? Though you may not be lighting up, being around smokers can cause skin sagging and speed up the wrinkle process.

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Look, But Don't Touch

We know it's tempting to mess with that pimple, but resistance is key. Popping and picking at the skin on your face will push dirt and bacteria deeper into pores, which only results in more breakouts. Put your curiosity to use and opt for an overnight treatment instead.

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Tone It Up

“Toners are a handy product to keep in your arsenal to help balance pH levels in your skin,” says Jennifer Yen, founder of Purlisse Skincare. “Look for ones that are free of irritants alcohol, fragrance, citrus, menthol, color, and other aggressive extracts.” Here, try these to combat oily skin.

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Lotion in Moderation

Laying on the lotion is good for your skin, right? Not quite. “Over moisturizing can cause you to break out, and can even give you milia, the tiny white spots that are formed when dead skin cells get trapped,” says Dr. Debra Jailman, M.D., a New York City dermatologist. So, think twice before you slather.

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Fishy Foods

“Foods salmon, herring, and trout provide our skin with oils that lubricate cells and reduce inflammation,” says Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, nutritionist and author of The Beauty Diet: Looking Great Has Never Been So Delicious. “They are also heavy in omega-3 fatty acids, which play a key role in keeping our skin smooth.”

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Spill the Tea

They say spilling tea of the gossip variety can feed the soul. Apparently, the herbal kind is also good for you. “Antioxidants have proven to be extremely important as an aging preventative,” says NYC-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel. “I recommend looking for products that have a complex of antioxidants, such as green tea, vitamin C, and CoQ10.”

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Clean Sweep

Go to your bathroom right now. Because we know there's dirty bacteria living on your makeup brushes.

Warning: they could be causing you to break out! “Once a month, dampen just the head of the brush, making sure not to get the barrel or handle wet,” says Klein. “Gently massage a mild baby shampoo into the bristles and rinse with warm water.

Then, lay the brush on a towel with the head hanging over the sink to dry.” Meanwhile, here's where to donate the products you haven't even used.

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Skin Saviors

“To see increased smoothness, improved skin tone, and fewer wrinkles, exfoliate with a well-formulated alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) product,” says skin-care expert Paula Begoun. “You don't need both—AHAs are generally best for dry, sun-damaged skin while BHAs are best for acne- or blackhead-prone skin.”

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Sleeping Beauty

Wake up with soft, hydrated skin while tackling everything from eczema to acne with an ultra-hydrating mask. Instead of washing the formula off, wear it overnight and blot off the excess with a tissue at sun-up. As of 2019, a bowl of pasta is now required as a pre-bedtime ritual.

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Body Buffer

Increase your circulation and give your body some extra exfoliation by using a dry brush once a week for bright and smooth skin. Afterwards, apply a creamy lotion to prevent flakes and seal in moisture.

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As much as it pains us to admit, one less serving of alcohol per day can make a noticeable difference in your appearance. Alcohol dehydrates the skin (which causes wrinkles) while inflaming tissue. Combat these effects by watering down wine and liquor with club soda and drinking a glass of water between alcoholic beverages.

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Bewitching Eyes

“Witch hazel is a natural skin-tightening astringent and can be used to deflate under-eye bags,” says makeup pro Shalini Vadhera. “Soak two cotton pads in cold witch hazel and apply one to each closed eye for five minutes.” As for the results? You truly do love to see it.

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Exfoliate Everywhere

Although often overlooked, our neck, chest, and hands get plenty of sun exposure. Give these body parts some extra TLC by exfoliating them regularly to reveal fresh, bright skin. Here, some of the superior scrubs to get you started.

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Treat Your Feet

Get smoother tootsies in a flash with a mixture of salt and lotion, or by rubbing them with olive oil. Rinse thoroughly, and push back the cuticles as you towel dry. Here are the deets on how to treat your feet.

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No Scrubs

Change your exfoliating practices with the seasons to guarantee that you don't strip the skin of essential oils. “Take it down to a few times a week in the summer, and once a week during winter so you don't dry out your skin,” says Dr. Debra Jailman, M.D., a New York City dermatologist.

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Seeing Double

When it comes to your eye cream, it can be multi-purpose. “Eye creams usually have a higher concentration of active ingredients, so use them on the nasal labial folds, the '11' lines between your eyes, and around your lips to deliver more potent anti-aging ingredients to these wrinkle-prone areas,” says Regina Viotto, skin-care specialist at Paul Labrecque.


7 Products You Need in Your Summer Beauty Arsenal

How to Get Younger-Looking Skin: 3 Products You Need In Your Skin Care Arsenal

By the Editors and Beauty Experts at NewBeauty Magazine

From a cleansing conditioner and detox masks to a perfecting serum and therapeutic facial cream, these are our 7 must-haves of the summer!

1. Marula Oil Rare Oil Style Perfecting Serum

The pure, cold-pressed marula oil is designed to end breakage and frazzled strands and create a head-turning shine, leaving hair feeling soft as silk. Un most serums, leave-in creams or other treatments, this reparative serum leaves hair feeling glossy and tame.

Packed with powerful vitamins, oleic acids, and replenishing antioxidants, this natural marula oil is the absolute solution for damaged hair.

Kristin Firrell, VP of product development, says, “This serum has a fantastic sheer formulation, providing an ultra-light- weight finish with double the shine. The pure, cold-pressed marula oil helps heal split ends and is the perfect companion for a quick, smooth-down for fine hair.”

2. Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 50

This swipe-and-go mineral SPF not only prevents heavy messes usual sunscreens, but also can be worn over makeup. With an easy-to-use, self-dispensing brush, the loose mineral powder sunscreen avoids UVA/UVB rays and is great for on-the-move reapplication.

Rich in zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, this safe and natural product, protects and shields the skin from the unwanted rays of the sun.

“Our award-winning SPF 50 powder makes it easy to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day—right over your makeup,” states vice president of global marketing for Colorscience, Jameson Slattery.

3. Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Hand Cream

Out with the dry hands and in with the deliciously scented hand cream that heals all dry-skin woes. Ranging in flavors from Whoopie Cream, Fluffy Bunny, and Pink Moon, this all-natural hand cream delivers all-day relief to thirsty skin.

Dermatologists’ have rated soybean oil and shea butter their top picks in skin repair, as they work together by hydrating and soothing skin to its most luscious state. Even the smallest drop will eliminate dryness on contact, for hours on end.

Brand founder Shannon Mclinden, says, hundreds of our products, our hand creams are the cult favorite. We use a big percentage of linoleic acid–rich soybean oil, which contains omega-6 essential fatty acids that are proven to quickly turnaround even severe cases of dry skin.”

4. Hair Food Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner Infused with Jasmine & Vanilla Fragrance

Farewell dry, brittle strands and hello nourished, moisturized hair. The lightweight cleanser simultaneously smooths and hydrates hair strands with a formula free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, or dyes.

Our hair deserves a wholesome product just we feed ourselves. Inspired by the nutrition found in superfoods, this hydrating conditioner infused with jasmine and vanilla gives hair a moisturized and shining look that will make anyone’s heads turn.

Rebekah Forecast, Hair Food celebrity stylist, states, “With warmer temperatures we tend to need to clean our hair more, so our Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner is a great way to avoid over-shampooing and preserve the condition of your strands for fresh, nourished hair.”

5. Skin & Co. Truffle Therapy Boosting Anti-Aging Facial Serum

By boasting powerful ingredients such as truffle and hibiscus extracts along with hyaluronic acid to treat signs of aging, this serum restores skin back to its optimal state.

Packed with hyaluronic acid and truffle extract, this serum intensifies and acts fast to boost skin, leaving behind a smooth finish. Hyaluronic Acid works naturally in our bodies and keeps our skin looking firm, which combined with Truffle Extract, allows for an immediate smoothness and evens out the skin.

Brand founder, Gabriel Balestra, says, Truffle Therapy Serum is so user-friendly, it’s almost addictive! I use it day and night, sometimes refreshing my skin midday for a pick-me-up and an enviably flawless complexion.”

6. Miss Spa Deep Wrinkle Hydrogel Eye Treatment

Sick of crow’s-feet and eye wrinkles adding years on to your appearance? Easy. This no-fuss, simple-to-use eye mask is created to smooth out wrinkles around the area. Infused with caviar extract and sodium hyaluronate, this mask restores vibrancy around the eye area without any irritation!

Caviar extract uses vitamins, minerals and acids to keep skin bright and plump. Sodium Hyaluronate holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which proves how wonderful its hydrating properties are.

Founder Kate Kimmerle says, “Our amazing Miss Spa Deep Wrinkle Hydrogel Eye Treatment contains
a powerful, age-defying serum formulated with caviar extract and sodium hyaluronate that deeply hydrates the under-eye area, smoothing the appearance of stubborn lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look.”

7. Luzern La Defense Urban Protect Detox Mask (Full Size $72) and La Defense Urban Protect Daily Moisturizer

Minimize harmful aging effects, have a perfect complexion, and use a powerful detoxing mask/moisturizer? Count us in. Prevent harmful effects from pollution, UVA/UVB rays and blue-light from technology with this innovative skin care treatment.

Combining both bentonite and kaolin clay helps attract impurities a magnet because of their strong negative charge, which lifts away toxins and heavy metals from the skin with ease.

Cofounder and CEO Jennifer Herbert-Coste says, “Urban pollution is a growing problem and one of the most damaging to skin. To combat exposure, we have developed a daily regimen to detoxify and protect skin, keeping it healthy, vibrant and glowing.”