Why Bawdy Beauty Founder Sylwia Wiesenberg Thinks You Need a Butt Mask

Butt Battle: Bawdy Beauty Alleges Yes To Copied Its Sheet Mask For The Backside

Why Bawdy Beauty Founder Sylwia Wiesenberg Thinks You Need a Butt Mask

On Monday, Yes To revealed in a post on its Instagram account that it would be selling the product Booty-Ful Mask exclusively at Target starting Sunday.

Within hours, commenters began pointing out the similarities between the green Booty-Ful Mask with the word “Kiss” emblazoned on it in white and Bawdy Beauty’s four butt cheek sheet masks that come in the bold colors green, pink, blue and yellow with their evocative names—Bite It, Shake It, Slap It and Squeeze It—printed on them in white.

Anonymous beauty collective Estée Laundry shared side-by-side shots of the two brands’ butt masks on Instagram Stories to highlight their resemblance. While Yes To’s post is still up on the company’s profile, all comments calling out Yes To for copying Bawdy’s design have been removed.

“Yes To supposedly supports women. It is part of their marketing pitch on their About Us page, but do they really act that way?” asks Bawdy founder Sylwia Wiesenberg.

“I am a woman founder, the engine behind a small independent, but super creative brand. Everyone involved in the process of translating my vision, creating the artwork, etc.

, that represents Bawdy is equally upset and sickened by disgusting behavior that contradicts [the] Yes To philosophy of supporting women.”

Contacted by Beauty Independent to respond to the copying accusation, a Yes To spokesperson said, “As the leader in masks in the U.S. since 2016, Yes To specializes in creating natural, fun, efficacious and affordable beauty solutions from head to toe.

Since masks are our specialty, Yes To has been exploring and developing masks for all body parts, including belly and booty. This is an integral part of our brand mission to promote body positivity and self-love, self-care.

We see growth of body masks overall as an expression of this and encourage more companies to join us in supporting body love and care at an affordable price and accessible at a full array of retailers across the country.”

The spokesperson continued, “Yes To is a company managed by an array of incredibly talented females, including CEO, CMO, Senior VP Finance, Associate Director of Retail Marketing, Associate Director of Communications, [the] entire marketing department and more. There are 34 women the 43 employees of Yes To.”

The beauty industry has seen a raft of copying recently. Huda Beauty was reproached for allegedly replicating Beauty Bakerie in its Huda Easy Bake line. Natasha Denona and Tarte are duking it out in court over the rights to use “BRUSH & GLOW” and “BRONZE & GLOW.” Several brands have released packaging mimicking Glossier’s and Herbivore’s designs.

To help stave off imitators, Laura-Michelle Horgan, an attorney at Barton LLP, advises beauty brands to shore up their intellectual property. She says, “Indie brands can try to obtain utility patents to protect novel, functional inventions Bawdy’s mask.

They can also try to obtain design patents to protect the ornamental features of their products the design of Bawdy’s masks and packaging.

Obtaining patents will mean the brands will have statutory rights to their intellectual property that will make it easier for them to bring claims in court.”

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A cursory U.S. Trademark and Patent Office search of patent filings doesn’t turn up a Bawdy patent. The brand has registered to trademark the name Bawdy for various beauty products.

If Bawdy lacks a butt mask trademark and patent, that doesn’t mean its mask is fair game for competitors intent on emulating it. When a brand’s product becomes equated with it, the brand may have trade dress rights shielding the product from copying.

Horgan explains, “The amount of advertising, promotion and social media generated by the brand are important factors in establishing a brand’s ‘trade dress’ rights.”

For many entrepreneurial brands Bawdy with limited budgets and bandwidth, legally combatting bigger beauty industry players over intellectual property issues is too onerous and costly.

“We are still considering our legal options, but know that such a path takes a lot of time and energy, let alone money, that could be spent building our brand and continuing to create,” says Wiesenberg.

“While there may be satisfaction in that route, it may be better to beat them in the market and social media as we know we have a superior product, are truly the innovators in butt beauty, and educated consumers will see that.”

In the two days since Yes To’s Instagram announcement, Wiesenberg has invested in ads on the social media platform to raise Bawdy’s brand awareness. Its website touts that it is the “original” producer of the butt mask. Wiesenberg adds that she’d to see intellectual property laws strengthened to enable emerging brands to more easily defend their inventions from theft.

“This would change the cold calculus that larger brands use when deciding to steal ideas from small independent brands that they think do not have the resources to fight back,” she says. “Not only do I want to protect my brand, but the hundreds of amazing indie brands that daily face the same challenges and BS from large competitors who lack creativity.”

Source: https://www.beautyindependent.com/butt-mask-bawdy-beauty-yes-to/

The Ultimate Skincare Routine — For Your Butt

Why Bawdy Beauty Founder Sylwia Wiesenberg Thinks You Need a Butt Mask

Way back in 2017, Madonna famously touted the benefits of butt masks.

“Don’t you want soft skin on your butt? Don’t other people look at your butt? Your butt has an audience! I encourage it,” the iconic singer exclaimed to the New York Post as the world collectively raised an eyebrow.

But this is Madonna we’re talking about — of course she was ahead of her time. Today, butt masks are trending with the masses, making it easier than ever to pamper yourself the Queen of Pop.

Even if your derriere doesn’t have the audience of, say, a butt-baring superstar, it can’t be denied that all women deal with fun issues in this area every once in a while. “The most common problems for the buttocks area are acne and hyperpigmentation,” Dr.

Aanand Geria, a dermatologist with Geria Dermatology in New Jersey, tells The Zoe Report.

Sure, you probably have a few sheet masks in your collection designed to treat these same exact concerns — but it turns out, the skin on your backside is not the same as the skin on your face.

“The skin on the body, in general, is much less forgiving than the face because there are fewer pores (hair follicles) which contain stem cells,” Dr. Geria explains.

“The latter is important for our skin in terms of repairing damage — this is why wounds on the face heal so much better than those on the body.” He says that pimples and scarring on the butt will stick around longer than blemishes on the face.

Unless, of course, you treat your tush to its very own skincare regimen.


Booty-specific products typically contain active ingredients at higher concentrations than you would normally use, or stronger exfoliators to penetrate thicker skin.

For example, the ground walnut shell in Anese’s That Booty Tho scrub is ly too rough for the face but works wonders on your other set of cheeks.

The same can be said for the exfoliating orange peel extract in Bawdy’s Slap It mask — it’s strong, so it’s not something you’d necessarily find in facial skincare.

“I have had butt cryotherapy, butt facials, and I have been taking care of my butt daily,” Sylwia Wiesenberg, the founder of Bawdy Beauty, a brand that specializes in sheet masks for (you guessed it) the butt, tells TZR.

“I don’t know what my butt would look today without all of this — I should have done one cheek only [when I started] — but at 40, I feel fabulass!” If that’s not a glowing endorsement for a regular back-end routine, I don’t know what is.

Jokes aside, Bawdy is serious about butt care. For starters, the brand’s sheet masks are perfectly-shaped. “I tried regular face sheet masks on my butt and they left me with visible outlines of a mouth, nose, and eyes,” Wiesenberg laughs.

“Plus, I needed two of them — so the economics don’t work, especially when you focus on quality masks.

” Bawdy also only uses clean, natural ingredients that address common backside problems: Aloe leaf fights acne, orange peel exfoliates, and chamomile has antibacterial properties to fight butt breakouts.

“Since the buttocks is particularly prone to acne, because the pores are blocked all day long due to sitting, scrubs can be helpful,” Dr. Geria says. Reach for Anese That Booty Tho scrub to gently buff away dead skin cells and help eliminate any behind blemishes. “Be careful not to scrub more than once or twice a week, as this can cause irritation,” he warns.

The dermatologist also recommends looking for a booty mask with sulfur or clay to absorb excess oil and buildup ( Anese Down With the Thickness), as well as inflammation-fighting and skin-brightening ingredients ( the goji berry and caffeine in Bawdy’s Slap It mask) to ensure even tone and texture.

If a firmer, plumper rump is what you’re after, Dr. Geria says to be wary of masks that claim collagen will help. “Unfortunately, collagen in a skincare regimen is useless, since the molecule is too large to penetrate through the skin into the dermis,” he explains.

However, you may see results from “plant-based collagen,” a substance made from plant matter that mimics the real thing and helps your body replenish its own collagen stores.

High doses of hyaluronic acid (found in Nannette de Gaspé Uplift Revealed Tush Mask) can make the skin in this area look plumper, too.

While the butt mask craze may seem it’s putting more pressure on women to look perfect in every way, Wiesenberg sees it as a celebration, instead.

“The butt, to me, is the most beautiful muscle in your body, the most powerful one too — the stronger it gets, the faster you run, spin, and squat,” she says.

“So I decided to make butt beauty matter; to make women [love] the part of their body they criticize the most.”

As far as the logistics of applying and removing these sensitively-placed masks? Follow Madonna’s lead: “Put it on, you lay down… Maybe you can ask your significant other to remove it for you.”

Ahead, the must-have masks, oils, and lotions that are making #bootybeauty happen.

Shop Buttocks Masks

Source: https://www.thezoereport.com/p/buttocks-masks-are-trending-but-do-they-actually-work-15834996

Sylwia Wiesenberg, Bawdy Beauty and DOPE Naturally

Why Bawdy Beauty Founder Sylwia Wiesenberg Thinks You Need a Butt Mask

Here, the beauty entrepreneur shares a profile of herself and the brand.

Name: ​Sylwia Wiesenberg, Founder

Indie Beauty Company: ​Bawdy Beauty (butt beauty brand) and DOPE Naturally (ingestible beauty and wellness)

Launched: ​Bawdy Beauty launched July 2018, DOPE Naturally launched August 2017

Headquarters: ​New York, NY

Cash flow: ​Both brands are 100% self-funded.

Indie how? ​Indie beauty brands are born from an individual’s ideas, passions, obsessions, etc., and the desire to connect and be part of others’ lives, sharing one’s views on beauty and wellness. Indie brands does not have to be a niche or small brand.

It is a brand to be discovered by the mainstream consumer. However, indie brands have a different point of view than what has been done in the past.  As an example, BAWDY Beauty butt masks address an area that has been neglected in the past.

Indie brands are often bold and innovative.

Team work: ​1 employee and growing

Currently, my employees are outsourced. As the business grows, we will bring functions inside. I work directly with everyone – from my design agency to translate my vision into artwork to my PR agency, and printing and manufacturing partners. I handle everything, and know every person by name and most of their family stories.  I also know everyone at USPS, FEDEX in my neighborhood

I do everything: idea generation and concept development to sourcing and fulfillment. At times, it is really stressful and exhausting, but I believe that the best CEOs know every single aspect of their company.  On the bright side, learning and meeting people never hurts – I love meeting people!

Distribution: ​I launched both brands through their websites, but my biggest achievements came after Indie Beauty Expo events where I met many amazing buyers, store owners, spa owners from around the world.

Retailers and individual buyers have to look at your brand and you as the face of the brand and know that you are a perfect match for them; and at the same time, you have to do the same! You have to have a clear vision for your brand: where do you want to be retailed, who is your target audience, their behavior.

In addition to our websites, Bawdy Beauty and DOPE Naturally are currently retailed at Credo Beauty, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Riley Rose, and Beauty Heroes, and in the second quarter there will be some major announcements for both brands – Bawdy Beauty and DOPE Naturally globally.

Years in beauty:​ I have been involved in beauty and wellness for many years, beginning with my first job while in college on the beauty counter for Clarins in Australia. After graduating, I joined Leo Burnett internet division and worked on the launch of SKII at Selfridges. I was also involved in the development of Special K wellness challenge in the UK.

These experiences were a terrific way to learn product development, marketing, and sales, but I really learned so much more developing my own brands.

Years as an indie beauty founder: ​The idea for DOPE Naturally was conceived in 2014, but all the legal work, sourcing, development began in 2016 when I made the decision to bring I to market.

The business: ​DOPE Naturally is an ingestible beauty and wellness brand focusing on the highest quality and unique organic ingredients, absolutely no sugars, flavorings or fillers added. We deliver the purest dope, naturally!

Bawdy Beauty is a butt beauty brand. I started the company with the concept of sheet masking, and am planning some surprising launches shortly of unique products for butt beauty and beyond! 

The wow-factor: ​DOPE Naturally is about beauty and wellness from within, supporting all you do externally. We are unique in what we deliver in terms of ingredients and their potency.

BAWDY Beauty – Butt is the new face! I guess I am the mother of butt beauty. It is an important part of our bodies. For me, it has always been the most important muscle and the most beautiful part of our bodies. Perhaps this is the reason I work for hours to perfect it, and take special care of its skin beauty.

The customer: ​We are a non-gender brand, although women are the majority of our customers. Beauty should be inclusive and this is a wonderful time to be genderless.

I believe we should start self-care at a young age with simple routines washing one’s face, brushing teeth, moisturizing your skin, applying sunscreen. These are the first steps in self-care.

Being active, eating healthy and clean foods, and taking care of yourself with a little help from beauty products can delay aging by many years. I target people who want to have fun with beauty, yet just me seek quality!

Milestone moment: ​I am proud to be where I am; to see my brands being retailed with the top-notch vendors. Credo Beauty gave me the opportunity, launching my clean beauty butt masks when many retailers were questioning the segment.

The Credo partnership helped us to go to the next level. This year we are launching with leading beauty retailers in the US and Australia.

The thought of seeing my products on the shelves of hundreds of stores makes me proud and anxious at the same time!

DOPE Naturally started 2019 strong with a unique collaboration with Sephora Collection which is in stores right now. This began at the end of Indie Beauty Expo in LA when a striking woman asked if I was the founder of DOPE Naturally.

After a great conversation, I was told that the Sephora Collection team would be very interested talking to me and my team about potential collaboration.

  I am proud and thankful that their team believed in me, and my vision and passion for DOPE Naturally and put DOPE Naturally in front of millions of people entering their doors every day!  

Advice for fellow beauty entrepreneurs: ​Take risks and never, ever give up on your passion! There will be many people telling you cannot do something.

Trust me – you can do anything, but you have to love it, believe in it, and have fun with it. I left Poland as a 16 year old girl without my parents and went all the way to sunny Australia. I never looked back. This was my first step to risk taking.

All you can lose is money, but what you gain is knowledge, people, and priceless experiences.

Just one: ​Asked about her desert island beauty product, Wiesenberg says: It is so hard. I drink DOPE and butt mask daily. Other than that, I love ultra red lipstick!

Deanna Utroske, CosmeticsDesign.com Editor, covers beauty business news in the Americas region and publishes the weekly Indie Beauty Profile column, showcasing the inspiring work of entrepreneurs and innovative brands.

Source: https://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Article/2019/02/01/Indie-Beauty-Profile-Sylwia-Wiesenberg-Bawdy-Beauty-and-DOPE-Naturally

I tried a butt mask—this is what happened

Why Bawdy Beauty Founder Sylwia Wiesenberg Thinks You Need a Butt Mask

In my skin-care game, I try to not let any important square inch of my body go unkempt. I’m diligent with my multi-step beauty regimen for my face, of course, but then there’s my décolletage, which I moisturize on the reg as if I were a French woman.

Then there’s my body, which I oil up until I’m glistening a dolphin at sea. Even my belly button gets some TLC now that my colleague brought up that they can smell bad if left untouched. And last week when the Internet went crazy for V-masks, I was all about it.

But there’s a (rather large) part of my body that I happened to have forgotten: my behind.

I run and do squats and leg raises to keep my glutes strong and healthy, so why do I neglect the skin on that area that gets so much devotion in the gym? Not only that, but I sit on my rumpus for hours upon hours at a time at my desk job, depriving it of the level of self-care that I devote to the rest of my body.

“Buttock skin is no different than skin on other parts of the body, but it is put under stresses not experienced elsewhere.

The skin in this area is continually exposed to sweat, creating an environment that allows for overgrowth of bacteria and fungi,” explains Joshua Zeichner, MD a New York City dermatologist. “Plus chaffing is common on buttock skin because of exercise and clothes rubbing.

All of this explains why it’s common to develop pimples, dryness, and rashes, so it’s also important to apply moisturizers to buttock skin just as you would your arms and legs.”

I only started to think about this when butt masks—yes, sheet masks for your cheeks—appeared on my desk.

Made by the brand Bawdy Beauty, these skin-care darlings are meant to hydrate, illuminate, re-texturize, and brighten, depending on which of the four targeted options you use.

You could say I was intrigued—and also a bit ashamed for not having done a single thing to my butt topically since I came into existence.

“The skin on your butt gets blemishes, ages, sags, and loses its elasticity and firmness as much as your face skin, so why not to take care of it?”

“The skin on your butt gets blemishes, ages, sags, and loses its elasticity and firmness as much as your face skin, so why not to take care of it?” says Sylwia Wiesenberg, founder of Bawdy Beauty.

“The butt gives you power, keeps your body strong, and needs attention too. I believe butt skin care is necessary—your butt deserves a break from tight jeans and sweaty leggings.

” Well, that’s true—I don’t to admit how much time I spend in my sweat-soaked Lululemons, and I’ve definitely gotten a blemish on my rear before (buttne is a thing).

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It’s important to note that the backside is the most frequently covered body part, meaning that it’s protected from sun (public enemy number one) and other environmental factors that could cause it to age.

Often times, when patients go in for skin checks, dermatologists share that, because of this, the butt skin is nicely preserved, so while the mask isn’t totally necessary, I figure it can’t help to make a good situation even better.

Armed with butt masks, I head home eager to smother my behind with skin-care love. As I tear open the packaging, I notice that the masks are divided into two—one for each cheek (cute). They’re pretty sizable too, and wind up covering my entire caboose. I tap them on and my buns are immediately very cold.

Now, you’d think that having a butt mask on would mean you have to lie immobile on your stomach for 10 minutes as it does its thing. I decide to put underwear on over them (which may not have been necessary, because they were pretty firmly on) and stay vertical, going about my business.

The only issue with this is that it felt I was wearing a wet bathing suit, or a damp diaper. Oh well—beauty can be weird sometimes.

Despite my butt mask being loaded with nourishing ingredients plant-based collagen, chamomile and aloe, blue algae (an antioxidant), kelp, and oat extract (I went with “Shake It,” Bawdy’s illuminating option), I have a skeptical outlook on how my cheeks will turn out upon removing the product. Since it hasn’t seen the light of day, my bum skin appears smooth and baby- before I ever start the process. Regardless, I peel off the masks and peer into the mirror. Nothing super noticeable happens, however, my skin does feel hydrated there, which it never has before.

Though I imagine that the effects are more apparent with more frequent use—just as with your regular skin-care routine—I think what butt masks teach me most is that you should give love to more of your body—so that nothing gets left behind. Full stop.

Also on the market are beauty products for your vagina. Oh, and to work that bum, here’s Jennifer Lopez’s trainer’s butt-targeting workout. 

Source: https://www.wellandgood.com/good-looks/butt-sheet-mask-i-tried-it/