The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage

Best ever skin: the benefits of facial massage

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

Beata Aleksandrowicz is a massage therapist and also the co-founder of Pure Massage:

Be happy. The “ecology” of your mind and heart is fundamental: your face represents what you feel and think.

If you are not at peace, have unresolved issues or are full of resentment it will manifest itself on your face, no matter how many products you use or what else you do.

Whether you practise meditation, breathing, go for healing sessions, nothing will make you more beautiful than a sense of harmony. When you wake up, think, “How am I going to spend this 24 hours? I am going to be happy, taking control over circumstances around me.”

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Have a regular professional face massage. This is the best skin regime. There is a big difference between facial massage and a facial. A massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system.

Every area of the body responds to facial massage. We have 300 pressure points on the face, which relate to every part of the body, so when you have a good face massage you impact every organ.

It makes the face glow and takes the tiredness and sluggishness away.

Do DIY face massage at home. The simplest thing is to spend another five minutes in front of the mirror and to be more precise and intentional when you are putting products on.

Work in sections – forehead, cheeks, jaw – circling with your fingertips and applying light pressure. Then move to the cheekbones and then on to the jaw.

Finish by sweeping upwards along the jawline with the heels of your hands.

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Give your face a work-out every day. Only a few minutes of facial exercise once a day will make a difference after one week.

Normally, every muscle in the body is attached in some way to the bone or ligament but in the face muscles are attached to each other, so they work as a web.

By exercising just one you impact all of them – the results are incredible in a very short period of time. Try The Ultimate Facercise by Carole Maggio (Pan, £14.99).

Use light but potent products at night. Your face needs to breathe. Clean your face well and then massage with a few drops of Jane Scrivner 's Rose Gold serum (£33 for 30ml), which is one of my favourite products. It's organic and a wonderful oil.

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Alexandra Soveral is a facialist. She has her own range of organic skincare products:

Get good skin from the inside out. All the work and money spent on skincare won't make much difference if the body is not providing what the skin needs to repair itself. Not getting enough sleep is a major culprit.

In deep sleep our bodies activate their most effective detoxification processes.

It is only after we've been asleep for at least three to four hours that the skin benefits from the repair work the body undergoes during a full night's sleep.

Start your day with detoxing facial dry-skin brushing. Overnight the body deposits toxins into the intercellular fluid, and a lot of this toxin-fuelled fluid gets trapped in the skin tissues as it tries to exit the body.

Daily face brushing – towards the points where the lymph is drained – will work wonders for clear and healthy skin. It's simple and inexpensive, yet the results are outstanding.

My set of two brushes comes with instructions on how to do a 60-second daily routine (£20; ).

A good facial oil is not easy to formulate. There are many substandard oils, which tend to be greasy, clog up pores and lead to breakouts.

Good oils deliver essential fatty acids and a multitude of readily absorbed vitamins and antioxidants, all in their natural state. It's superfood for the skin.

My Forever Young Face Oil (£51) is great for dull, tired and mature skin, while the Midnight Oil (£41) helps balance and restore the skin. Neal's Yard Remedies' Facial Rose Oil (£18.50) is also good.

Be aware of changing humidity levels around you and amend skincare accordingly. Think of moisturisers as humidity replacements. In a humid environment we don't need moisturiser, or just a little if you have dry skin.

In winter there is a lot of humidity around but if you don't open windows, and have radiators on, your home becomes dry. You will either need more moisturiser or a humidifier. I keep a window open for a few hours every day.

Stop touching your skin. Throw away all magnifying mirrors: that is the best advice for anyone who suffers from problem skin. Don't touch your face while surfing online, reading, driving or watching television. The only time you should touch your face is when doing your daily beauty routine. Break the habit and many skin problems will magically disappear.

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Facial Massage: The Secret to Younger Looking Skin

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

Jun 05, 2017

Topic: Wellness

Did you know that there is a well-kept secret to younger-looking skin? Even with today’s technology, a large percentage of people still want the natural alternative to a healthy, toned, and glowing complexion. So, what’s the secret? Facial massage!

Just the benefits of a body massage, facial massage can increase circulation for the face. Massaging our face promotes oxygen and blood flow in our skin.  Not only does this result in reducing puffiness, it also creates a brighter skin tone and appearance.  The massage will also increase collagen production, which prevents the formation of wrinkles. You can call it the ‘natural face lift’.

Another benefit of facial massage is that it also relieves tension. Just as firming and toning our muscles with exercise make our body look and feel better, facial massages works the same way too. These massages work our facial muscles by releasing tension while lifting the skin and making them firmer. Think of it as an anti-aging treatment and natural therapy. 

Barbara Close, a lifelong practitioner of natural health, is the CEO and Founder of Naturopathica products and Naturopathica Healing Arts Center & Spa.  She and her highly trained estheticians came up with simple steps targeting 3 areas of the face. Anyone can do these at home using the right products and techniques.  

JAWLINE & CHEEKS:  Using the pads of your fingers, massage the chin, jawline and cheeks using upward circular movements.

FOREHEAD:  Using your fingertips, smooth the forehead with a firm lifting movement starting at the eyebrows and finishing at the hairline.  Next, using the pads of your fingers, make small circular movements beginning between the eyebrows, finishing at the temples.

EYES:  Using your pinky fingers alternately, tap the delicate skin underneath the inner eye, working outward toward the temples.

Here at VillaSpa, we have products and facial massage pamphlets available for you to start your “at home” facial massage rituals.  We also have licensed estheticians that can perform a skin analysis if you are unaware of your skin type. This helps to match you with the products needed to start your daily regimen.

Remember, all it takes is a few minutes your day to have beautiful skin.  Facial massages will brighten your complexion, rejuvenate your skin and are a natural alternative to Botox.  The benefits above are just to name a few.  This article contains an extended list of why facial massages are so beneficial.

So why wait?  Start your daily regimen now and put this best well-kept secret to work!

Marie-Sylvie Antoine (pictured above), is one of our licensed estheticians at VillaSpa. She is a 74 years old woman with beautiful skin and a proponent of facial massages. Her daily regimen includes these massages, as evidenced by her younger-looking skin.


What The Experts Want You To Know About Facial Massage

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

Facials, quite simply, are just a little more hardcore these days. Not necessarily painful, or even invasive, but add-ons laser, LED and microcurrent are suddenly commonplace.

Considering that most of our bathroom cabinets overflow with masks and serums, if we're going to carve out time in our busy schedules and spend our hard-earned cash on a treatment, we want results, and we want them fast.

Enter facial massage.

It's an art that dates back many, many years and has roots in China, Mexico, France and Sweden, with each nation having a role to play in shaping what we know as facial massage today.

A cursory scroll through the Instagram feed of any make-up artist or facialist worth their salt will show hands moving rapidly, pinching, tapping, flicking, and tolls rolling, rolling, rolling.

Acolytes rave about the plumped-up glow and lift it offers the skin, while it can reportedly improve lymphatic drainage. Vogue asked Sarah Chapman, facialist extraordinaire, and Inge Theron, founder of Face Gym to give their take…

What are the benefits of facial massage?

Of course, “glow” is hard to quantify, but Chapman, who's been doing facials for some fifteen years, says massage is a crucial part of her service. “I started as training as an aromatherapist so I already had a background in massage when I started working as a facialist.

I knew the basics, but I refined my technique and now it's integral to my facials.

” wise, Theron had been working as a beauty reporter covering spa treatments for eleven years before she started Face Gym, and said that while she loved facials, it took hitting her 30s to understand the scaffolding of the face and how we carry tension.

“I had a facial with Joelle Ciocco who is this painfully expensive and impossible to book with Parisian facialist, and my face was transformed afterwards.

The results were unbelievable, and that's when I realised I want to do this in a more accessible, scaleable way,” explained Theron.

Essentially, the results of a good facial massage are a reduction in puffiness, an uplift in the firmness of the skin, a release of any tension in the face and that covetable healthy, rested glow.

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How does facial massage work?

“The primary target in facial massage is the lymph nodes underneath the ears and on the neck,” explained Chapman. When these areas become blocked, lymphatic drainage becomes sluggish, which is thought to lead to a puffy, dull complexion. “It really helps to drain the toxins which can otherwise lead to skin that looks flat and grey,” Chapman added.

wise, the act of manipulating and massaging the skin means increased blood flow to the area. “More blood to the skin means more oxygen to the skin, and that blood flow also brings more nutrients,” noted Chapman. “Just by stimulating the skin, it stops being so lethargic and kick-starts your fibroblasts to produce more collagen.”

The other benefit is exactly what you'd expect from a massage: a release in muscle tension. “We all have so much more tension these days, especially in our jaws,” explained Theron. “We spend all day squinting at small little screens and clenching our jaws in stress. When you work away those knots and tensions, you get a noticeable uptick in the firmness of the skin.”

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What are the downsides?

Both women were quick to note that there are interactions between facial massage and injectables – namely, don't book yourself in for a treatment too soon after having Botox or fillers.

“I would advise two weeks for Botox, and four weeks for fillers,” noted Chapman.

Immediately following one of these treatments, the injectable remains somewhat fluid in the skin, so it's best given time to settle before manipulating the skin.

However, if you regularly get injectables and want to start adding massage into your routine, there's a possibility that they may break down somewhat faster.

“The general increase in cell turnover and blood flow that makes the skin look so fabulous after facial massage may cause injectables to be metabolised a little quicker,” cautioned Chapman. “Injectables and massage absolutely can work hand-in-hand and look really harmonious and natural.

After all, you don't want exceptionally firm skin that just looks taut – you still want a healthy glow. But you really must be upfront with your facialist about what else you've had done.”

It's a sentiment that Theron echoed, noting that mishaps do happen if treatments are undertaken too soon after going under the needle. Also, while the effects are impressive, they are short-lived, and so you'll need to get into the habit of practicing it regularly to see the best results. “You do see results if you keep it up – just look at our Instagram,” noted Theron.

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How should you try facial massage?

Both Theron and Chapman suggested that a light daily massage is a good baseline, with perhaps a weekly at-home or monthly professional session would be beneficial. Jade rollers and gua sha tools are both popular to help release lymphatic drainage and stimulate the skin (the former being self-explanatory, the latter being a specially shaped tool, carved from jade.)

Sarah Chapman Skinesis also offer the Facialift, a slightly bizarre-looking contraption which mimics the techniques and manipulations used in a facial with Chapman, while you can buy Face Gym's Face Ball to use at home. Vogue also recommends the Nurse Jamie Uplift Tool, which combines the action of a roller with massaging stones to help dissolve deep muscle tension and increase circulation.

Face Gym offer a variety of options starting from the signature £50 service, while services at Sarah Chapman's London Skinesis clinic start at £150 for a bespoke facial.


5 Facial Massages That Will Benefit Your Skin Care Routine at Home

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

Thanks to their legendary massages, spa days are known for their relaxing and glowing experiences. Not only do you feel a puddle of calm afterward, but if you got a facial massage, your skin is probably rejuvenated and glowing.

You don’t have to wait for the weekend to get those same benefits. An at-home facial massage can work pretty well with getting rid of puffiness and leave you looking flushed and alive. Plus, it’s also an excellent stress reliever and mood elevator.

We picked the top five videos from the internet that covered the art of DIY facial massages. Remember, no matter which massage you end up choosing, keep in mind it’s not the answer to all your skin concerns. A 2014 review found that facial massages are positive and promising, but they still need to be studied with more people for a significant conclusion.

But the point of facial massages is less about the science and more about you. Hear it from us: These facial massages are comforting AF.

1. For beginners, figure out what oils you want to use

If you’re completely new to facial massage, Abigail James’ video is a great place to start. She gives advice on how to pick and apply the best massage oils (she recommends plant-based oils without synthetics) as well as how to perform the massage on yourself.

2. Add a tool to make 5 minutes fly

Jade rolling has been a common practice in China for centuries and has recently become more common in other countries. And for good reason: A 2018 study found there’s increased blood flow in your skin 10 minutes after a five-minute facial massage. This can help more nutrients get into your skin.

This video by Gothamista will teach you how to get the benefits of facial massage plus the extra benefits from jade rolling so you can really make sure the serums penetrate your skin.

3. Don’t forget your neck and chest area

Get the blood flowing to those areas to relieve any tension. This video by Learn How to Massage extends the facial massage to the neck and upper chest area as well.

And that’s a bonus: The neck and chest, which are equally exposed to the sun’s UV rays, are often neglected areas of skin care.

Plus, the soothing background music will have you feeling relaxed before you begin practicing on yourself.

4. Make it a ritual for relaxation

This relaxing and informative video by oxfordjasmine will teach you how to give yourself spa facial massages for quality drainage. She specifically focuses on pressure points to help release tension in your forehead and around your eyes. It’s an ideal tutorial for those who want to feel invigorated first thing in the morning.

5. For experts, use a firming cream to help soften wrinkles

Shiseido is a mainstay brand for Japanese skin care, so it’s no surprise their quick video gives a professional primer on how to massage your skin with their firming mask (you can use any moisturizing cream). Josephine Wong specifically teaches you how to clear up your skin while softening wrinkles around your forehead, eyes, chin, and jawline.

You don’t have to perform these facial massages exactly as the videos instruct. The idea is to develop a comfortable routine that suits and calms you. And the benefits of a facial massage, especially if done while cleansing your face, could do wonders for unclogging and purging your pores.

If you find five minutes of facial massaging boring and time-consuming, make it one minute. You can also make massaging part of your cleansing routine or do it while you’re in the shower.

Emily Gadd is a writer and editor who lives in San Francisco. She spends her spare time listening to music, watching movies, wasting her life on the internet, and going to concerts.


I Got a

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

In a recent quest to de-stress through self-care, I went on something of a Groupon shopping spree and purchased a handful of hour-long treatments I thought would help me rebalance. One of the treatments I selected was a facial massage—more specifically, a fascial facial massage (no, that's not a typo).

I had previously only experienced facial massages during facials or for a handful of seconds during a body massage, but the idea of a full-hour of attention to my face alone seemed utterly blissful. I suffer from tension headaches and every so often I experience tremendous pressure around my brow or the back of my skull (near the nape of my neck).

What I sought out was an hour of tension-release and relaxation—but what I experienced, and gained, was so much more.

To learn more about the goings-on of the hour-long session (that flew by, thanks partly to my two naps), I asked Kathleen Fleetwood, a Blend Fascial Facial therapist at Nature and Nurture Therapies in Philadelphia and Blend Fascial Facial massage co-creator Tracey Kiernan to walk me through the science, benefits, and how to recreate the experience at home.

A fascial facial is a specialized facial that uses fascia techniques to lift, plump and smooth the skin.

The Blend Fascial Facial massage was created by Kiernan and Debbie Tamblyn Jones and takes the science and techniques of myofascial release and blends them with a holistic facial. Kiernan and Tamblyn Jones combined their many years of experience as massage therapists and myofascial bodyworkers to create this all-natural treatment.

It was after Kiernan began to understand the role of fascia and how it gets “stuck”—creating restrictions and pain in your body—that she questioned whether wrinkles could be fascia restriction on a smaller scale.

The focus of this treatment is to use facial techniques to lift and smooth your skin, without the need for expensive product ranges, harsh chemical peels, or machinery.

“The very focus of many beauty treatments and products is aimed at increasing collagen production and elasticity to the skin,” observes Fleetwood.

“Most anti-aging treatments, however, rely on applying products to the skin in an attempt to moisturize and feed the skin with various nutrients (with the idea of reducing the signs of aging via topical application).

We hear talk of 'increasing collagen production' and 'improving skin elasticity' as being vital to young-looking skin, yet still no mention of fascia, which we know is made up of collagen and elastin,” she explains.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves texture of the skin
  • Relaxes muscle tension in the face
  • Aids in lymphatic drainage
  • Helps remove dead skin cells

At the start of the session, Fleetwood walked me through the many benefits of fascial facial massage, noting that it can refresh and lift the face, smooth out wrinkles, and restore a youthful plumpness to the skin (many use it as a natural alternative to Botox). She also gave me a heads up that I might get so relaxed I fall asleep (I did—twice).

To understand why this treatment works, it's necessary to understand the fascial system. “Fascia is a specialized body system often referred to as the 'endless web,'” explains Fleetwood. “It penetrates every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, and internal organs.

” As she describes, it's composed of elastin, collagen, and a lubricating ground substance. “Trauma, inflammation, repetitive actions, and surgical procedures create restrictions in the fascia which can hold tensile pressures of around 2,000 pounds per square inch,” she warns.

Fascial facial massage improves skin suppleness because it reduces and releases muscle tension in the face and jaw. As Fleetwood describes, it's powerful enough to release stuck fascia within the layers of the skin.

By stimulating rejuvenation and cellular activity, fascia facial massage can help to tighten the skin and underlying muscles and reduce expression lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells.

Lastly, it aids in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, youthful appearance that begins from within. “People see changes in one treatment, which continue to improve over the next 48 hours,” describes Kiernan.

“We recommend a course of up to 6 weekly treatments to achieve the best results. After that, monthly maintenance should keep you looking smooth and fresh-faced.”

Jacob Wackerhausen/Getty 

Fleetwood cleaned my face with a line of all-natural skincare, then began the treatment, slowly and gently massaging various points around my face. Reflecting back on the experience, I must have been in a trance- state because I can barely recall the specifics, but I do remember a definite change in my skin at the end of the treatment.

Visually, my skin looked a bit more lively, rejuvenated with a certain plumpness that I've noticed has been diminishing every year since turning 28. To the touch, I could feel a noticeable difference in the smoothness (ly due to the added volume) and my uneven skin texture and slight scarring from teenage acne were less noticeable.

My facial muscles also felt tauter, everything was suddenly engaged and awake.

“You do not need any particular products for this treatment, just a clean dry face,” explains Kiernan. “Combining these techniques with your favorite skincare routine will amplify the benefits.

Fleetwood and Kiernan recommend a super gentle approach to fascia facial massage at home that you can do every day. “Lean your elbows on a table and let your hands wrap gently around your chin and lower face,” says Kiernan.

“Gently but still engaging the tissue, fix your intention on shifting the tissue upwards— pulling on a delicate pair of silk stockings.

Turn the head to one side and using one hand, sweep up the whole side of the face from the upper chest, over the neck, then the top of the face, and into the hairline. With both thumbs in the middle of the forehead, sweep out across the forehead and up into the hairline. With fingers, stroke up the forehead and into the hairline.”

“This treatment is so gentle and suitable for all ages,” notes Kiernan, though she would not recommend this work on anyone under 18. “It is never too soon or too late to start looking after your fascia.” The treatment is not recommended for anyone with Botox or fillers as the work may cause things to move around.

“If someone has had these interventions, we advise waiting until they have worn off before trying our work—you may decide you don't need Botox or fillers again!” says Kiernan. “People with skin conditions, recent scar tissue, bruising, undiagnosed lumps and bumps, recent broken bones, or swelling should avoid treatment,” advises Fleetwood.

As usual, consult with your doctor before beginning treatment if you have any concerns.

The benefits of fascial facial massage extend well beyond relaxation.

For me, the visual changes in the life and suppleness of my skin were immediate (though subtle) and Fleetwood reminded that regular sessions could yield significant improvements to my skin that would eventually have a long-lasting effect.

The aesthetic benefits are a direct result of what's going on beneath the skin to improve overall functioning and health. All in all, I'm definitely booking this facial again.


Face massage benefits your skin in more ways than one. Here’s how!

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

Admit it! An hour of serious R&R session aka facial is your way to unwind after a hectic week. And, the best part in the whole hour is, of course, the relaxing face massage. It is a therapeutic beauty technique and is considered the best possible way to relax and sooth your skin and get a radiant and flawless complexion in the process.

It is a secret to a healthy and glowing face, and all it needs is for you to book a face massage session at a salon, close your eyes and let the magic of healing hands begin.

You can also include it in your daily skincare routine and use facial massaging tools a roller or a crystal (that is trending, BTW), and work a relaxing massage yourself.

Facial massage instantly calms your mind, slips you into de-stress mode and help you achieve impeccable and enviable skin. Not just that, face massage benefits your skin in many other ways as well. Facial massage tones your skin, brightens the complexion and slows down your ageing clock.

If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. You’ve been oblivious to the many benefits of facial massage for too long now and it is time you know how it does wonders for your skin. Read on to know all the surprising benefits of face massage and why you need to treat your skin with a stress-busting face massage RN.



Saggy skin is a tell-tale sign of ageing and any women would move heaven and earth to keep her skin young and beautiful.

Well, you don’t have to move any mountains, but you can practice facial massage on a regular basis or book a facial appointment to get the desired results. The most noticeable outcome of a good face massage is the toned face.

Face massages are considered as the natural facelift and a way to get naturally younger-looking and toned skin by just indulging in an hour of massaging sesh.

The massage is done in soft upward movements which help uplifting the saggy and droopy skin and tightens the skin and makes it look firmer and healthier. A natural alternative to cheek fillers and Botox, face massages help you get flawlessly toned cheekbones and a defined jawline without spending big bucks. 


2. Reduces ageing signs

Facial massage doesn’t just help tone your face but is an excellent anti-ageing solution too.

Stress, pollution and more can speed up your ageing clock and you can spot these ageing signs earlier than you should, but you can reset your ageing clock by pampering your skin the right way, by getting a facial massage, that is.

Regular face massage helps make premature ageing signs wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines, dark spots and pigmentation disappear.

It works by improving blood circulation further leading to increase in collagen production and cell regeneration which means healthy skin in and out. There are facial massage exercises to target ageing signs and maintain elasticity of skin that you can try for younger looking, spotless skin.  


3. Brightens complexion

As we just mentioned, face massage gets your blood flowing and the result is younger-looking, healthy skin. Well, the improved blood circulation also helps you get even toned and brighter skin. Good blood circulation leads of a good flow of oxygen which improves the complexion of your skin and lends a healthy glow.

It stimulates rejuvenation and cellular activity and improves the health of skin tissues which turns your dull and dreary skin into a glowing one. Many celebrities trust a facial massage to get the skin that we all envy.

Massage your face and neck in an outward and upward direction and circular motion for 10 minutes every day and you will have radiant and bright skin as ever.


4. Detoxifies skin

To do away with the dirt of the week, a facial with a face massage is the best bet for your dull and tired face. An hour of face massage can detoxify your skin is often done with a moisturizer or a serum for extra benefits.

This helps you clearing up dirt, oil, blackheads and whiteheads from your skin and getting a squeaky clean skin. It also gets rid of the product build up that settles deep into your pores and unclogs them, contributing to blackheads and whiteheads.

The gentle rubbing of skin with the fingertips helps clear the deep settled grime and impurities off of face, leaving it clean and healthy. Also, if you have acne prone skin, a facial massage (with soft motion) can prove to be a boon for you.

As it successfully detoxifies your skin, it can keep pimples popping every other day at bay and help you get an acne-free skin in no time.


5. Gives you smooth and soft skin

Even skin tone and glow are not enough when you have rough skin. The one thing we expect from any facial beauty treatment is that it turns our rough skin into smooth and supple one.

Well, the good news is that face massage benefits your skin doing exactly that. It moisturizes and nourishes your dehydrated and dry skin eliminates toxins and leaves your skin visibly plump with a youthful glow.

Face massages have proven to improve the suppleness of your skin and prevent it from sagging and dropping in the long run. It acts as a magic spell to resurface your blah skin and make it smooth as silk in just a few weeks.

It also improves the absorption abilities of your skin while making it smoother which both result in flawless finish of your makeup and deeper and better penetration of your skincare products.              


6. Banishes under eye woes

Got puffy eyes, or dark circles? Face massage can be your solution to get rid of these pesky under eye skin issues. These are unsightly and downright annoying. You don’t have to live with dark baggy patches under your eyes all your life. Rely on a face massage or more specifically under eye massage to eliminate the under eye skin woes.

Often caused due to stress, lack of sleep and poor diet, dark circles and other under eye issues are a result of water retention in this area. What face massage does is it releases the excess water build up under the eyes and thus removes puffiness and eye bags.

The improved stimulation of blood flow also contributes to reducing the appearance of dark circles and an overall flawless and healthy complexion.


7. Relieves pain and soothes skin

It is settled by now that the benefits of face massage go way beyond stress reduction and glowing skin. It has umpteen health benefits too reliving facial pain and soothing and healing skin. Yes, stress can cause anxiety, headaches and your facial muscles can become tensed.

A relaxing hour of facial massage helps release muscle tensions, heal sore muscles and even curb severe headaches. This happens because of the gentle kneading of the facial joints helps relax muscles and reduce pain. Reduced tissue stiffness and relief from skin inflation and pain are some other hypothesised benefits of a facial massage.

All in all, it leaves your skin healthy and your face looking and feeling fresh. And, who doesn’t want that, really?

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5 Remarkable Effects of Facial Massage

The Benefits of Daily Facial Massage |

It is well known that massage is a wonderful firm of physical therapy that lulls one into a meditative dreamworld, but less well known that a facial can be just as relaxing, and relieve a ton of tension.

5 benefits of facial massage

Aside from pampering and relaxation, facial massage can bring about many therapeutic and age-defying effects. These are just five of many incredible effects of facial massage

Exfoliation: What Works and What's Safe?

1. Keep Your Facial Muscles Firm

Taking a few minutes a day to stimulate and massage your facial muscles is just as important as any fitness routine for the rest of your body.

Just as you keep up with a regular weight lifting regimen you can stimulate and massage your facial muscles to tone them keep them from sagging with age and stress. There has even been a wave of popularity with facial yoga that keeps your face muscles toned, and skin lifted.

2. Tension Release

Regular daily facial massage and exercise will fight those wrinkles better than any magical cream could. A tense facial muscle will create more stress on your skin thereby causing more wrinkles.

So a regular facial massage will help keep your skin muscles toned and relaxed, looking younger for longer. Massage your face for a couple minutes daily to experience less worry lines in your future.

3. Stimulate Blood Flow for a Smoother Complexion

As you gently massage your face work in small concentric circles all over your face. Pay special attention to massage upwards and not pull down on any delicate skin. You may notice some bumps, pimples or cysts forming as you become more familiar with the landscape of your face.

Regular facial massage from 10-20 minutes will help to increase blood and oxygen flow, slowly and gently working those bumps out with less chance of an embarrassing acne breakout.

If you are more prone to oily breakouts, a ten minute massage is usually sufficient. If your skin is more dry and flaky, you can enjoy a massage up to twenty minutes a day.

4. Massage Helps Absorption

If you’ve already found a serum or facial oil that works well with your skin and body chemistry, a facial massage will help your skin to absorb more of your products goodness.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to take some time out for yourself and to enjoy a few stress free minutes while taking your beauty routine to a whole new level.

If you haven’t tried a castor oil treatment yet, there are a lot of benefits to including it in with your daily or weekly facial massage routine. We'll get more into the castor oil treatment below!

5. Release Toxins

Believe it or not, castor oil actually has modern uses that will transform your beauty routine. And the best part? It’s a bargain. Castor oil has been used for centuries for its toxin-eliminating properties. It also helps the regeneration process to keep your skin looking youthful and clear.

how castor oil works

One of castor oil’s main components is ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid and hydroxy acid known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This seed oil from the Castor plant can do wonders for blemish prone skin and can hydrate and smooth out a complexion naturally.

Start out by giving yourself a castor oil treatment a couple times a week or use it daily to remove makeup and dirt. You will be amazed at the change in your skin, its overall tone will improve, and you may find yourself ditching the cover-up once and for all. Start this luxuriously smooth facial treatment in the kitchen or shower with just a few supplies.


1 bottle of Hexane-free cold pressed castor oil (usually less than $12) 1 bottle of jojoba oil, or any other oil that you know works well with your skin (also in the $12 range) 1 empty squeeze bottle for mixing and storage

1 clean face cloth