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For Permanent Hair Reduction

In this age of media blitz, everyone wants to look perfect and at their very best. Everyone wants their skin to be perfect and at the same time don’t want any unwanted hair which is a cause of embarrassment for many. The desire for permanent hair removal in both men and women has created a worldwide craze. We have highly trained professionals who with the support of top notch equipment will provide you with the best treatment in par with international standards. At our clinic we provide these services at cost effective rates. There are various procedures through which it can be achieved.

Laser Hair Removal

  • Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a method in which the light targets the dark hair causing it to heat up. The hair then transfers this heat to the follicle causing thermal and mechanical damage. IPL emits every wavelength of light and the beam is usually wider so it can treat larger areas to permanently remove hairs more quickly.
  • At Dr. Mushtaq’s Skin Clinic we use advanced Laser Hair Removal technology which is a very high-tech method of removing unwanted hair and is extremely effective in providing permanent hair removal. Before starting the procedure we spray the patients’ skin with a cooling agent then energy from the laser is passed through the skin, and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair known as follicle. When the energy is absorbed, the hair follicles are ‘damaged’, which impairs their ability to grow. Eventually the hairs fall out, usually within a matter of weeks. This procedure is a little uncomfortable, with a tingling or stinging sensation during treatment. There are many reasons why the laser procedure is considered the best procedure for hair reduction:
    • It’s a quick and safe procedure.
    • You may experience stinging, mild swelling right after the treatment but all these are temporary side effects.
    • One can return to one’s normal routine immediately.
    • This procedure is fast and has long term results.
    • It’s non-invasive.