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Face Lift

We all love to look young and beautiful for as long as possible but as we all know it is wishful think on our part, but having a facelift is the next best thing to rejuvenating your appearance and make your faces look a lot younger. This is a type of cosmetic surgery where the surgeon reshapes deep facial structures and repositions or removes extra skin tissue. At our clinic surgical facelift is performed as an outpatient setting with local anaesthetics and sedatives to help our patients relax. The procedure generally takes about two to four hours, after which patients are allowed to go home. This traditional procedure involves incisions around the hairline, front and back of the ears, and under the chin. Then the surgeon separates the facial skin from the underlying tissues and then stretches and repositions the skin. Any excess tissue is also removed before stitches are applied to close up the incisions. In our clinic this procedure is done by highly qualified and well trained surgeon who provide you with the best results. A facelift can produce remarkable results. However, the procedure only targets certain parts of the face – namely, the mid-face, lower face and jawline.

Though facelift is a surgical procedure, in certain cases the facial aging is not yet severe enough for facelift so we often recommend less invasive procedures, like Thread Lifts. This procedure involves making small incisions and then using a threaded needle to provide lift to your face. Pulling the threads taut and anchoring one end in the deep tissues above the hairline produces lifting of lax tissues. Scar tissue subsequently forms around the threads, anchoring the facial skin in the elevated position.

The advantages of the thread lift technique are:

  • It can be performed under local aesthetics
  • Scarring is minimal and the scar is hidden in the hairline.
  • The bruising is significantly less than a face lift.
  • Reasonable price when compared to face lift.