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Black Marks

Overexposure to sunlight often causes black mark on the skin. Acne and sometimes even injuries also tend to leave dark marks on the skin. This is more prominent in those who have a naturally lighter complexion.

We use different treatment methods to remove these embarrassing marks from your skin.

black marks treatment kochi
  • At Dr. Mushtaq’s clinic we use laser technology to treat black marks. At our clinic we use a new technology called fractional laser resurfacing in which we remove only a fraction of the skin by creating thousands of microscopic “wounds” surrounded by areas of healthy, untreated skin. As a result, the zones of untreated skin accelerate the body’s natural healing process and your skin surface heals in a fraction of the time it would require with full laser resurfacing. The treated areas on the other hand, stimulate production of new collagen, help eliminate pigmentation, plump up the skin and smooth out scars and other irregularities. We have used this procedure in our clinic to give excellent results in treating Black Marks.
  • Black marks caused by over exposure of the sun take a toll on your skin. We at Dr. Mushtaq’s provide our patient with a procedure called photo skin rejuvenation which helps freshen up your skin and also give it an even tone. For this we use Intense Pulse Light (IPL) which uses high intensity light to penetrate just below the skins surface, damaging either the melanin that makes up the black marks. The skin repairs the damage, leaving you with a more even skin tone. This procedure is non-invasive procedure with very less pain involved.