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Acne is a skin condition and it causes spots and pimples. It appears when the sebaceous glands get infected. It is the most common skin condition. Acne becomes painful if the condition is severe. Acne treatment depends on the severity and type of the acne.

Different types of acne

Acne occurs due to fluctuation in hormone levels. It behaves differently at different stages of our life. The various types of acne are Acne Neonatorum or neonatal acne which is otherwise called baby acne, which occurs in newborn babies. Acne infantum, which occurs in toddlers, mostly seen in boys than girls and can be seen prominently in the cheeks. Acne vulgaris occurs mostly on the face of teenagers. Acne Tarda is adult acne which comes due to hormone imbalance or when there is a problem in menstrual cycles and at menopause. Some of the other acne types are Acne Comedonica (commonly referred to as blackheads and whiteheads), acne papulopustulosa (papules and pustules), acne conglobata (nodules), and acne fulminans (cysts).

Non-inflammatory Acne

Noninflammatory type acne includes whiteheads and blackheads. Blackheads take place due to hormonal changes, where the oily skin produces more oil in the pores, which accumulates and get trapped. It mostly appears on the nose, sometimes around the neck, and shoulders. Whiteheads develop generally on the back side of the nose. When you press it, it will squeeze out a white particle.

Inflammatory Acne

Inflammatory acne types include papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. Papules which is like red bumps with no head, it is nothing but a pimple, in the beginning stage. Pustules are nothing but the ripe form of papules. When the pustules break out, it creates pus in the pore, which may spread out the bacteria. Nodules are hard bumps that are formed under the skin with the progression of pustule or papules. Cysts are big pus filled lumps that are similar to boils.

Some of the other known types of acne are Acne Aestivalis, which is most common when the skin is exposed to UV radiation. Acne Cosmetica, is the one when there is a fault in make-up or cosmetics. Acne Excoriee occurs when there is a constant scratching or squeezing of the pimple. Acne Inversa is a case when the sweat glands are blocked. Acne Mechanica is caused by excessive heat or pressure on the skin. Acne medicamentosa occurs as a side effect of allergic reaction to certain medications. Acne Venenata are induced by external contact with a variety of chemicals.

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