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Acne Scar Treatment Kerala

We have all suffered uncomfortable trouble of acne during our youth, which is associated with hormonal changes and tackles the aesthetics of our face. But it is equally unpleasant to reach middle and have always with us these unsightly marks, these acne scars that damage our skin permanently. These tasks are caused by an inflammatory process when the acne was not cured properly.

To understand a little more what the acne scars, as well as their origin, we must remember that blackheads are an enlargement of the sebaceous glands in the skin; bacteria and fat accumulate and thus cause this phenomenon. The most affected areas are the face and back. Acne can be mild or severe: it can be as simple as whiteheads or blackheads, but it can also turn into painful cysts under the skin and pus-filled.

Type of acne scars

Pigmentation scars: These are tasks that persist then the button or black dot disappeared; they present a pigmented skin pinkish or even coffee color, they disfigure the face and take time before disappearing.

Hollow: These holes in the skin caused by acne lesion where there was pus. We cause ourselves these wounds when we burst a black dot.

Sores are difficult, and are loaded with discharge. Pimples can without much of a stretch reason scars.

Generally a physician endorsed prescription is given that you can apply to your skin (topical medicine) or take by mouth (oral pharmaceutical). At Dr.Mushtaq’s facility separated from medicines we give our patients a couple of different choices. We counsel with our patients to talk about with them which treatment is most appropriate for them.

At our facility we treat skin break out scar with another innovation called partial laser reemerging in which we uproot just a small amount of the skin by making a great many infinitesimal “injuries” encompassed by territories of sound, untreated skin. Accordingly, the zones of untreated skin quicken the body’s common recuperating process and your skin surface mends in a small amount of the time it would require with full laser reemerging. The treated zones then again, invigorate generation of new collagen, dispose of pigmentation, stout up the skin and smooth out scars and different anomalies. We have utilized this system as a part of our center to give fantastic results.Laser technique is utilized at our facility as it has:

  • Less

  • Recovery time

  • Insignificant

  • Discomfort

  • Stylish results

  • Astounding

Microdermabrasion is a treatment in which a hand-held gadget is utilized to blows gems onto the skin. These precious stones delicately “clean” the skin’s surface. At that point, a vacuum tube evacuates the precious stones and skin cells. As simply the surface cells are uprooted, the skin isn’t harmed. This treatment requires a couple session of treatment.

We additionally utilize fillers at our facility to enhance skin inflammation scars. Collagen is infused under the skin and into scars to round out or extend the skin, making the scars less discernible. Get best results from this Acne Scar Treatment in Kerala and regain your natural beauty easily !