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Dr.Musthaq Ali dermatologist kochi
Dr Mushtaq Ali

Skin is the largest and the most visible organ of our body. In today's world of high sophistication, skin is associated with self-esteem and attractiveness. We all want skin that is radiant and youthful, but we know that it is just wishful thinking from our part. At Dr.Mushtaq's Skin Clinic, Kochi, we are committed in bringing you closer to your wish of having the perfect skin. With the help of advanced technologies and facilities in par with international standards we will provide you with the best services at cost effective rates.
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"I had wrinkles around my eyes that really made me look old. When I smiled you could see them even more and I looked so tired. With a few simple treatment remidies at Dr Mushtaq's, I can smile and look refreshed too. I also had brown sun spots that weren't going away even after using various creams. At Dr Mushtaq's clinic, he given me a complete solution for my brown spots too. Both the treatments are really working, now my face is looking brighter and younger."